Whether you’re partial to the smooth confidence of Earl or down with the laid back swagger of Hook, you couldn’t have gone wrong with either of us last week.  After a rough Week 5, I channeled my inner Nostradamus and tallied an awe-inspiring 11-2 for Week 6 while Earl managed a very respectable 9-4.  That brings the season standings to 26-15-1 (2-1 best bets) for Hook and 23-18-1 (3-0 best bets) for Earl.   With the 100 per game, 200 per best bet suggested wager formula we have Hook followers up 1200 on the season and Earl supporters up 800.  Like the great Randy Moss once said- Straight cash, homey.

Since I’ve got the juice now, I’ll lead off with my picks for this week (best bet in bold):

Chicago -1 @ Tampa Bay

Carolina -2 VS Washington

NY Jets +2 VS San Diego

Cleveland -3 VS Seattle

Houston +3 @ Tennessee

Denver +1 @ Miami

Atlanta +3.5 @ Detroit

Kansas City +5.5 @ Oakland

  Pittsburgh -4 @ Arizona

Dallas -13 VS St Louis

Green Bay -9.5 @ Minnesota

Indianapolis +14 @ New Orleans

Baltimore -8 @ Jacksonville

As much as I think Pitt has taken a step back this season, the Cardinals are just not a good team.  Look for Big Ben to throw for 3 TDs in this one while James Harrison knocks Arizona QB Kevin Kolb out of the game by the 3rd quarter.  Lock it in.   You’re up Earl, let’s see what you got this week.

When you’re hot, you’re hot.  After another best bet win, and a 9-4 overall week, there’s no reason to shy away from money this week.  I can’t remember a week where there were so many bad games on the schedule.  Aside from the Chargers/Jets and Falcons/Lions games, these games are brutal.  But it’s the NFL, it’s football, IT’S GAMBLING!  So here you go, you’re free money picks for week 7.

Tampa Bay -1 vs Chicago

 Washington +2 @ Carolina

San Diego -2 @ Jets

Cleveland -2 vs Seattle

Houston +3 @ Tennessee

Denver +1 @ Miami

Atlanta +3.5 @ Detroit

Oakland -5.5 vs Kansas City

Pittsburgh -4 @ Arizona

Dallas -13 vs St. Louis

Green Bay -9.5 @ Minnesota

New Orleans -14 vs Indianapolis

Baltimore -8 @ Jacksonville

I really wanted to take Tampa Bay as my best bet after learning that the Bears were leaving Saturday to go to London and Tampa had already been there since Tuesday.  That’s a real tough time adjustment for those players to make in my opinion.   But, Jacksonville is the worst team in the league in my estimation and Baltimore is the 2nd best.  Ray Lewis is going to stuff MJD all night and Blane Gabbert is going to be like that QB in “Necessary Roughness” who cowers behind the ref and says “Blow the whistle…BLOW THE WHISTLE!!”

If you like free money, take my picks.  Now…”Let’s get a goddamn snack”


  • hooktsb

    If you went with my picks the last two weeks you’d be up 1800 +/- 100 going into tonight. Straight. Cash. Homey.

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