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Even though I didn’t see the movie when it was in theaters because I thought it was a chick-flick, Forgetting Sarah Marshall is one of my favorite comedies of all time.  Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan happened to marry a woman named Sarah Marshall, which makes it nearly impossible to find pictures of her via a Google image search.  Thank God for Twitter.

Sarah Marshall Ryan is on twitter and instagram, which just so happen to be the sites we have to thank for almost all of the pictures in this gallery.   You see, women with instagram can’t help posting pictures of themselves all the time, and women with twitter and instagram can’t help tweeting said photos (see exhibit A: Paulina Gretzky).

As you get geared up for the New Orleans Saints at the Atlanta Falcons this Thursday, check out Matty Ice’s wife.  I caught some flack before the season when I said Ryan would never be elite because he has an unattractive wife (Ugly girlfriend.  No confidence. –Moneyball).  Not only has Ryan put together a stellar season (currently the 6th best QB overall), one TSB reader called me out saying his wife isn’t unattractive (I know it was you, Matt.  Thanks for reading!). The jury is still out on that.  You be the judge.  Check out the most attractive pictures I could find of Matt Ryan’s wife, Sarah Marshall Ryan:

(click to enlarge)

Listen, looks aren’t everything.  Sarah Marshall Ryan played ball at BC, she and Matty Ice are pretty much guaranteed to have D-1 offspring.  And I bet she’s really cool to be around.  If Matt Ryan is happy, who am I to judge?

That’s all we have for you in this week’s edition of WAGs Wednesday.  Be sure to check back this weekend for more Total Sports Babes.  Got a WAG in mind who you’d like to see more of?  Tweet me.

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