The NHL is Back!

January 13, 2013 by

No way Garth! Yes way Wayne! Hockey is back. Stan Makita’s donuts would be hopping on Saturday night if it was a real place.


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It took 119 days but the NHL and the NHLPA have come to an agreement to the Collective Bargaining Agreement.  The agreement came last Sunday morning at 5am Eastern time.   While most of us were all sleeping the two parties hashed out a deal after talking for over 16 hours.  This deal will allow all NHL to be played for a long time without interruption.  

Training Camps for all NHL teams will begin today (Sunday) and will last all week long.  The first games will be played Saturday January 19th.  The season will last 99 total days and 48 games will be played by each team.  720 regular season games will conclude April 27th.  16 teams will begin the quest for the Stanley Cup on April 30th.

This season proves to be a grind with all teams playing back to back games or 3 games in 4 nights.  Some NHL players are saying that the 48 game schedule will be like playing in the NHL playoffs all year long.

All year long myself and Earl will provide season long insight to everything going on around the NHL.  We will have our predictions later this week before the NHL season is slated to begin.

Get ready NHL fans!  This is going to be a very fast but fun season.  If you blink, you might miss some great hockey actions from some hungry players that have one goal in mind!


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