When will people learn?  SNY anchor Kirk Gimenez pulled an Anthony Weiner Thursday night (OK, he didn’t send a pic of his junk, but this was an obvious DM tweeted in error) when he tweeted and quickly deleted an aggressive flirtatious message.  Check out the tweet here as grabbed by @Hey_its_Don:

Kirk Gimenez Tweet

“I always miss your face but winning boobs are.. well… good Lord! You don’t have Ike, but you’ve got me. Wish you would meet me in 5! dios mio”

While there’s no way to tell for sure, it is assumed that the above tweet was allegedly intended for a person who tweeted about Mets player Ike Davis moments before the above tweet was sent.  Her Twitter profile looks like this:



UPDATE: Kirk Gimenez claims it was all a “dare” from a co-worker.  He should know better, but we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.  But seriously… you’re better than that, Kirk.  Here’s the exclusive DM he sent:

Kirk Gimenez DM

ANOTHER UPDATE: Kirk Gimenez has deleted the twitter account @KirkSNY

Kirk might as well hit the streets of NY and re-enact this Chappelle Show skit:


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  • baggydizzle

    I saw this on Deadspin, bro bro.

    Good shit.

    • Hook

      yea Greg Howard credits us, although it’s just a link to our article and not an explicit “I got this from TSB”

  • Plan

    Deadspin should have explicitly credited you, especially since they’re always going on about how they’re not getting their due from ESPN and the other traditional media that pick up on their stories.

    Also, is this Giminez clown seriously blaming bloggers and media for running items about his stupidity? It’s his own fault. No blogger or reporter forced him to try macking it with random people on Twitter.

    • Earl

      I actually haven’t seen a statement by him or SNY on the matter.

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