Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez once again putting his belt on the line as he gets ready to face Antonio “Big Foot” Silva tonight at UFC 160.

In the co-main event, former heavyweight champ Junior dos Santos is looking to get another title shot, but he’ll have to beat the heavy-handed Mark Hunt to get his chance.

Will we see a Velasquez/dos Santos rematch in the next heavyweight title fight, or can the two underdogs pull the upset and crash the party?

Before I get to my predictions, here are each fighters’ highlights.

Cain Velasquez and “Big Foot” Silva have already fought before. In the first fight, Velasquez absolutely dominated the fight, bloodying up Silva en route to a first round TKO.

Silva says he’s ready for Velasquez this time around, but can he actually beat the champ?

Neither of these two fighters are deadly on their feet. Silva is tall (6’4”), and likes to use his length to strike. Velasquez is three inches shorter than Silva, and favors close quarters combat on his feet. But both these fighters prefer the ground game, so don’t expect a lot of fists to be thrown standing up.

When you look at the ground game, one thing is obvious. While Silva’s ground game is pretty good, it is light years away from Velasquez’s ground game.

Silva has a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, but hasn’t shown the ability to submit his opponents off his back in his short UFC career. Velasquez on the other hand, is an absolute animal on the ground. Once he gets you on the ground, he is relentless in his strikes and attempts to improve his position.


Silva is a good heavyweight fighter, but Velasquez is the best heavyweight fighter in the world right now. These two are in different classes of fighters. Silva loves to take the fight to the ground, but that’s where Velasquez is at his best. The first time these two met, Velasquez won easily. I don’t see much changing this time around.

Cain Velasquez – 2nd Round TKO


The Junior dos Santos/Mark Hunt fight is very interesting. Mark Hunt is a stand up fighter who throws haymakers like it is his job and can knock you out at any point. But Junior dos Santos has the best stand up game in the heavyweight class. His technique is flawless and his hands are lightning quick.


While it is very possible that Hunt could land a knock out blow at any point of this fight, I see JDS winning this fight. JDS will continuously move in and out, delivering constant hits to Hunt. At the end of the day, JDS is just a better fighter.

Junior dos Santos – Unanimous Decision 30-27


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