Johnny Manziel Show Me The Money

As I have told you earlier today that I hate college football, there is one player I don’t dislike.  That’s Johnny Manziel.  “Johnny Football” apparently has decided to give the NCAA and their “rules” a big ol’ middle finger today in Texas A&M’s opening game against the Rice Owls.

During Manziel’s first drive of the game (A&M’s first possession of the second half, cause autographs)  it seems that Johnny wanted to let a player on Rice know where his next autograph signing will be.  After the address was given, Manziel threw his first touchdown of the season, and figured he wanted to be shown the money.

Check out the GIFs after the jump.

Johnny Manziel signature

Johnny Manziel Show Me The Money


Don’t worry Johnny, the money will be there soon enough.

(H/T to @BleacherReport for the GIFs)

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