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Believe it or not, the regular season is almost here. So what does this mean to me? It means draft season is under way. With only a few positions left to break down, it’s time to attack the running back position. Due to the depth and quarterback and wide receiver, drafting your running backs is going to be an early round process whether you like it or not. After the jump, I’m going to give you my top 30 running backs for the 2013 season. Read the rest of this entry »



Fantasy Football draft season officially kicked off  this past weekend with National Fantasy Draft Day on August 24th.  By now you’ve done your homework and are set to draft your team.  You’ve got your strategy, your cheat-sheets are printed out, and you’re ready to roll.  Here’s a few things to keep in mind heading into your draft.  I give you Fantasy Football No-Nos: What NOT to do at your fantasy draft.

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No one ever accused Ron Artest Metta World Peace of being a genius, but even he should have enough common sense not to describe possible criminal antics on Twitter.  On Wednesday night, Metta told a story on Twitter about his actions at an LA Deli after being “disrespected”, where he went on to smash glass and harass the store clerk.  Check out the tweets here:

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MTV Challenge Camila Brazilian Hothead

Camila is CRAZY. But what else is new on MTV’s Challenge: Rivals 2?

I finally thought that this CT/Diem love story was on the back burner, but apparently it’s not. We get it MTV. CT still has feelings for Diem and although she keeps either avoiding it or denying it, Diem does for CT as well. So with the opening scene we get to see “romantic” CT trying to mack it hard on Diem, telling her, “You know I still love you” and then trying to get her to kiss him. Instead, she asks him to just dance. Keep playing hard to get Diem. Then we get “Mr. Sensitive” Frank, outside of the club with Jonna getting amped up about how the “new kids” Nany, Jemmye, and Knight to be specific, have no loyalty to anyone in the game. Hmmmmm…some foreshadowing maybe? Read the rest of this entry »


Because how else do you celebrate the word “twerk” being added to the dictionary?

Justin Bieber is slowly (quickly) becoming irrelevant, so he pulls a parasitic move and latches on to the media healthy Miley Cyrus. Power move, you guys, and I’m not even a little mad. I am, however, mad at this song. Shit is awful. But the kind of awful that it’ll be on every radio station in two days and I’ll involuntarily know all of the words in a week. Check back with me though, because I can admit that I’ll fall victim to current musical trends and say it’s as catchy as the plague. Listen to the song after the jump:

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TSB Radio Episode #7

August 28, 2013 by

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Last night Matt Falkenbury from and the Jets Press Coverage Podcast with John Presser, stopped by to talk mostly New York Jets football and at the end of the show, Breaking Bad.  We had technical difficulties for the first 20 seconds or so.  So if you don’t hear anything at the beginning, don’t worry.  Baggy Dizzle and Manny helped Earl co-pilot the show, along with providing some insight on the New York Giants and Detroit Lions.

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Elijah Hood


Elijah Hood made waves on Vine a few months ago, posting a video where he flushed his Alabama recruitment letters down the toilet.  He announced his intent to enroll at Notre Dame, but de-committed a week ago and has since chosen to stay in his home state and play for UNC in 2014.  Check out the tweet where he announced his decision after the jump: Read the rest of this entry »

Stewart-Haas-Racing-logoTony Stewart, Kevin Harvick, Danica Patrick, and Kurt Busch on the same team in 2014? No, this isn’t a dream…it’s a reality!

While Fox Sports broke the news on Twitter yesterday, Stewart-Haas Racing made the official announcement on Tuesday afternoon.

“This is the situation that every driver wants to be in,” Busch said. “To have an owner like Gene Haas calling and asking you to come and race how you know how to race and that is to win. Gene is giving me that opportunity. Read the rest of this entry »


College isn’t cheap, and as a current college junior, I understand the struggles of being a broke college kid. So when you get an opportunity to do something for a free year of school, you better take advantage of it. And that’s exactly what this Colorado State freshman did.

At the fall pep rally, Andrew Schneeweis got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – make a half court shot and your freshman year of college is free. Read the rest of this entry »


There’s something you may not know about me Khloe… I smoke rocks


It’s been well documented that he loves candy, but I don’t think anyone realized he was talking about that kind of candy.  TMZ reports that NBA player of Keeping Up With The Kardashians fame, Lamar Odom, allegedly has a crack-cocaine problem.   Read the rest of this entry »