It’s not fair. Television shows aren’t supposed to be this good. They are supposed to distract us from reality…and to take our minds off the things in our life that are bothering us. But sometimes there are TV shows that are sooo excellent at what they do…that they create their own fabric of reality. In that piece of fabric, there are situations that shake us to the core. Sometimes, we have to watch other TV shows in order to distract us from THAT reality. That’s when you know you’re watching special. This is how I feel when I’m watching Breaking Bad. Over the course of this season, there have been moments where I feel like I’m Hank on the verge of an anxiety attack. Let me help you get a proper perspective on what I mean. I watched last night’s episode right after the New York Giants shitted on themselves and their home field advantage (lol j/k) by letting the Dallas Cowboys overtake them on Sunday Night Football. I was hoping that it would provide a suitable distraction…but a funny thing happened. By the end of the episode, I wanted to re-watch the Giants game in hopes that it’d distract me from the ending of “To’hajiilee”. I kind of felt like Jesse in the middle of last week’s episode. Whatever I want or expect to feel like,  I will feel the complete exact opposite of that. This television show is the heartless, un-breathing doppleganger of Walter White. Breaking Bad is the devil…and this episode is the right hand man that does it’s handiwork. 

We can talk about how creepy and sweet (at the same damn time) Todd’s crush for Lydia is or talk about how uncomfortable the scene with Walt, Andrea, and Brock was or how hilarious the picture of Jesse’s fake death that Hank showed Huell was….but the most lasting imprint was left by the last 30 minutes of the episode. Starting from when Walt first got the fake picture of the money in a barrel from Jesse at the car wash and when Walt starts fast and furiousing through Albuquerque to get to where he buried his CREAM, we started feeling the tension and anxiety right away. I didn’t notice it before earlier this season but I did in this episode (and it’s later hammered home by Jesse), that Walt buried the money where there series first started….the place where Walt and Jesse cooked their first batch of blue. Walt had already “confessed” to Jesse over the phone on the ride to the burial point and when he finally gets there, he realizes what he’s done…he’s done himself in. He calls Uncle Jack to try to save him in an act of desperation but then realizes that Hank is with Jesse and calls off the hit (fat chance). When he finally gives himself in to Hank, there is a surprising look of relief from Jesse and Walt. It’s like neither believed that Walt would ever get caught but they both wanted it to happen. These sequence of events were acted beautifully by everyone involved but especially by Bryan Cranston when he displayed the various stages of anger, desperation, dread, and acceptance that he was going through. But the biggest feeling of dread that I felt during this scene was when Hank took his sweet time arresting Walt by asking Gomie who should read Walt his Miranda rights, gloating, and calling Marie to tell her that he got him. During this whole sequence, I couldn’t help but think to myself “Holy shit, Hank. Call the DEA for some backup, dammit! Uncle Jack is gonna get that ass!” And to no one’s surprise, Uncle Jack came and he saw. And a shootout commenced….while Jesse and Walt were inside the cars!

We don’t know how the shootout concluded. We can only guess from here. Is there a chance that Hank and/or Gomez survive this shootout? That would seem like a miracle to me. Even though Vince Gilligan likes to keep us on our toes, Hank surviving this would take a superhuman effort that would get him inducted into the Justice League. I have no questions that Jesse and Walt will survive this and will be forced to cook one last batch for Uncle Jack. Uncle Jack will leave the phone for the DEA, Walt will be implicated and thus be forced to go into hiding. Then this season will come full circle when he comes back to town as Mr. Lambert. At that point, I will probably watch another Giants loss in hopes that it will distract me from the fake reality that Vince Gilligan has cooked up for us. This show is the devil, I say.

Random notes and tumblr pics:

-I love breaking bad comics:


-I literally laughed out loud when I saw how in awe Walt Jr. was when he saw Saul and how Saul did his whole shtick for him.

-Every time I see Brock and Walt in the same scene together, I feel like Brock knows that Walt is the person behind his poisoning.

-Sometimes I feel like I subscribe to the Todd school of picking up chicks.

-My favorite gif of the episode:


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