J.R. is gonna J.R., I suppose. We all know he’s a batshit crazy lunatic. Throwing bows at Jason Terry during the playoffs. Partying with Rihanna during the playoffs last year. Shooting under 40% for this season. Let’s not forget that he shot a three pointer with a game tied against the Houston Rockets with 21 SECONDS LEFT IN THE GAME.

But soon after that blunder, he moved on to messing with opponents’ shoelaces during basketball games:

Hilariously stupid, right? Right. But hold on! We’re not done here because J.R. Smith is evolving. He has moved on from messing with shoelaces to messing with headbands.

Whaaaaaaaaaat?! Yo, he’s definitely going to get fined for this. Like Mike Woodson doesn’t really coach or anything but when he tells you that you need to grow up, it’s gotta be a reality check, right? Like even Vince Carter couldn’t believe it. Look at his face! He’s gotta be thinking along the lines of

“Yo, this guy is wild crazy, b. David Stern is going to snipe him from the rafters and then Adam Silver for allowing this to happen after he retired. Doesn’t he know he hasn’t escaped the looming shadow of Stern?

Let’s think about this though. If he’s evolving at this rate, what can he move on to after this?

  1. Wristbands/rubberbands – snapping them on opponents’ wrists would hurt like a bitch.
  2. Socks – some of these hipster basketball players’ socks are just TOO DAMN HIGH.
  3. Gold chains – J.R.’s gotta find something to pull on when dudes are cock blocking in the club.
  4. Shorts – oh, you know he’s going to start to pants players. This is like the final stage of his evolution like charmander to charizard.

Here’s to hoping it happens. This Knicks season has been depressing so Knicks fans can use some more entertainment in their lives. Keep stacking them fines, J.R.!

Other Notes on the Knicks:

– Felton’s wife turned in an unlicensed gun to the authorities and he’s currently in custody on felony gun charges. He’s still not a good shooter.

– At this point, you kind of have to feel bad for Melo. He tries to carry this team on his back with very little help. But this is hilarious. Props to Cleezy for making me aware of this:

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