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Our resident funnyman Joe Pontillo (@JoePontillo) just uploaded a new video to his YouTube channel entitled, “Sh-t New York Sports Fans Say”. As angry as it might make some of you, it’s 100% accurate. Please subscribe to Joe’s YouTube channel, and let us know what you think.
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The Knicks host the Miami Heat tonight at 8:30 pm. Everyone remembers the game where every player on the Nets and the Heat had nickname jerseys, right? What if tonight’s matchup was also one of those games? So I decided to enlist my former partner in crime (because blogging about the New York Knicks feels like I’m doing something wrong all the time), Jeff Van Gully, to come up with nickname jerseys for the players on the Knicks and new nickname jerseys for the Heat players. If you weren’t familiar, me and Denzil used to write a Knicks blog back in the day called “The Proud Franchise” which dissolved a few years back. We decided to rekindle our magic for this blog post because Knicks vs. Heat is deserving of such a momentous occasion. My comments will be followed with a * while Jeff’s comments will be followed by a ^.  Read the rest of this entry »


The St. Louis Rams have recently hired Greg Williams as their new defensive coordinator for the next NFL season. The former New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator was one of the main targets in the Bounty-gate scandal a few years ago. Williams got in trouble for information that was leaked out about his style of coaching. His coaching style consisted of sending his team out to purposely harm other players. He was suspended indefinitely for the 2012 season.

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#StubHubTD Dance Contest

February 1, 2014 by

This year, StubHub is throwing the ultimate pregame tailgate at the Big Game in New Jersey and is calling on fans around the country to join in on the celebration. Enter the StubHub Touchdown Dance Contest by posting a video of your best touchdown dance moves to Twitter, Vine, Instagram or YouTube and use the hashtag #StubHubTD. One lucky fan will win a trip for two (2) to next year’s Big Game in Arizona.
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