As Total Sports Blog’s resident TV writer, I have officially geeked the hell out when it comes to HBO’s new series, True Detective. Enough so that I’ve decided to split my recaps into two parts from now on. I will have an episode recap that will come out either the night of or early next morning and then I’ll have a blog post where I’ll make random observations about the show, theorize, and post tweets, tumblrs or other interesting articles about the show. I will be using this format for most of the shows that I will be covering from now on. Now, on to the theorizing!

– When it comes to the question of “Who is the Yellow King?”, Billy Ray Tuttle and his brother, Governor Tuttle, are the clubhouse leaders. They both have the wealth, power, and intelligence to be able to commit murders and then cover them up without anyone becoming suspicious….except for Rust, of course. In episode 6, we see Billy Ray Tuttle (who we find out died in 2010 later on in the episode) rocking a lot of yellow. Could he have  been the Yellow King at one point with his brother having taken over after his passing?

– There is also a working theory going around that there are actually 5 people in charge of the cult and one person is the head of it. It could be that one of the Tuttles was/is the chairman of the cult board. The Frank Sinatra of Cthulu, you can say. The most common form of the 5 Horsemen theory was posted at Pajiba. There is also a more outlandish version of the theory on reddit. I feel like there is some truth to this but somewhere in the middle.




– I stole these screenshots from Philaflava from the forums. Holy shit, what’s going on here. Did Audrey Hart do some of the interior design at that psychiatric ward? This has to be connected somehow, right? This just can’t be a coincidence in set design.

– Speaking of Audrey Hart. I’ve had a working theory for a while now but it seems to have been catching on in the past episode or two that Audrey Hart had been molested at one point in her life. It makes sense considering there were two children found at the Ledoux compound and the signs that Audrey has shown throughout this season. Especially when you consider the drawings in her notebook, the doll formation from earlier this season, and her moody and promiscuous nature in her teenage years. But if this indeed is true? Who was the person who sexually abused her? Was it Marty? I doubt it. Marty’s father in law (who happened to foreshadow the goth phase her daughter would have.)? Someone else from the cult? There seems to be more than meets the eye here.

– Interesting catch from Melbourneastordude. Remember that class picture that Rust and Marty got their hands on in episode 3? Take a look at it and then look at the picture of Rust’s board in the 2002 flashback from episode 6.

– Dope catch by filmson of Rust predicting Marty’s 2002 affair. Was she a plant from the cult? I doubt it but an interesting coincidence.

– IDGAF what you say but Adventure Time is one of my favorite animated programs and because of that, I absolutely love this.


– If you’re a hardcore baseball fan (and if you read Total Sports Blog, you probably are) and you love True Detective, you will love this blog post that this dude made.

– Sometimes, Marty just talks to us regular guys and we know exactly what he’s talking about.

– I’m just going to leave this for everyone that actually reads my shit because I do this for y’all…..but help a brother out.

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