kill the masters

We all have a sense of justice. We all want it in some form or fashion. When we read books and watch movies, we usually root for the good guy for this very reason. Some of us spend time in our lives seeking retribution for the wrongs people may or may not have done to us or other people….even if they are for the most littlest things. This is what the 4th episode of the 4th season of Game of Thrones last night was generally about.

The episode jumps off with Danny Targaryen’s hot Valeryian translator teaching English to Grey Worm, the commander of the Unsullied. There is some weird sexual tension going on but you see that Grey Worm wants to seek vengeance over any masters that wishes to enslave anyone. Well, wouldn’t you know, that’s Danny’s plan in Essos as well. As soon as they take over Mereen, Danny does with the slavemasters in that city the same thing they did with child slaves: turn them into human sign posts. Brutal. I just have one beef with Danny’s arc in this episode. How was it so easy for Grey Worm to sneak in a bunch of weapons to the slaves in Mereen? The city of Mereen seriously have issues with patching up holes when it comes to defending their city.

Meanwhile in Westeros, Jamie seeks to make himself whole….or at least find the best alternative. During his sword fighting lessons, Bronn reminds him about how he shouldn’t forget his “little” bro. He visits Tyrion in the dungeons and they share war stories of being stuck in dungeons. Tyrion assures Jamie of his innocence in the murder of Joffrey (which we find out was masterminded by Littlefinger and Grandmama Tyrell) but that still isn’t enough for Jamie to help his brother escape. When Jamie meets Cersei later on, all she wants is justice. She doesn’t believe that Tyrion could be anything but guilty and also paints Sansa as a conspirator as well. Guess who she wants to task to go find her? JUSTICE! Later on in the episode, Jamie gives his Valeryian sword to Brienne, makes Podrick her squire and asks her to find Sansa. Whether it is to protect her from the evil witch that Cersei has become or to bring her back to King’s Landing for JUSTICE for killing his son remains to be seen. Later on in the episode, we find that Jon Snow is rallying up some troops at the Wall to go with him to Craster’s Keep to enact some revenge on the mutineers for killing Mormont.

This was a pretty damn good episode that flowed well unlike the last episode. It wasn’t as good as the first two episodes of the season but those were gate busters and we shouldn’t expect every episode to be gully like those two. What did everyone else think?

Thoughts, tweets, tumblrs, etc.

– I don’t know about the rest of you guys but Margaery Tyrell hitting on Tommen Baratheon was completely “Hot for Teacher”, right? A rape scene last week and a potential creep fest in this Margaery/Tommen scene this week. The show is obviously looking to push the envelope. Maybe the scene was heading towards grown woman on boy rape before Ser Pounce stepped up and prevented it from happening. Props to Ser Pounce.


– Oh, and you thought they were done with rape? The mutineers at Craster’s Keep was raping everyone everywhere. Not cool, mutineers. Not cool at all.

– Also, to ratchet up the creep factor on the show, did you guys check out how Littlefinger was eyeing Sansa? I wouldn’t be surprised if there was boat rape next week. This show is raping everyone. If the showrunners could figure out  a way to pull this off, I think virtual reality audience rape would be something that they would consider.

– The White Walkers made their first appearance in outstanding fashion by transforming a baby into an Aryan! Ladies and gentlemen, the king of the White Walkers is none other than Donald Sterling!


Ewwwww, seriously though, white walkers. Couldn’t you guys invest in a manicure or something. That’s just rancid.

Sephora has a large line of facial creams for gentleman like yourself, bruh. Look at your pores!

Donald Sterling everyone!

– You remember those times when you were a kid and an older sibling or cousin would take your hands, force you to hit yourself with them and say “WHY ARE YOU HITTING YOURSELF?” Jamie had one of those moments last night:


– I lost it when I saw this

– We all know why Littlefinger killed Joffrey…

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