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PK Subban scored the game winning goal in double overtime for the Montreal Canadiens tonight to give them a 1-0 series lead against the Boston Bruins in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals.  While on the power play, Subban unleashed a howitzer from just inside the blueline, through a screen, and then past Bruins goaltender Tuukka Rask.

Watch Subban’s rocket give the Canadiens the 1-0 series lead after the jump.
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Heat pacers Basketball


The first round of the 2014 NBA Playoffs have been the most exciting opening round in recent memory.  Aside from the Heat and Wizards (yes, the Washington Wizards won a playoff series) making quick work of the Bobcats and Bulls (respectively), the rest of the series have been pretty much up for grabs.

This year more than ever it seems overrated players are struggling, while smaller market studs have been vastly overlooked.  Check out some of the most overrated and underrated NBA players in the 2014 Playoffs:
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Awwwwwww, look at that picture of Kyle Lowry brushing the dirt of his shoulder. That dirty that he’s currently brushing off may be any trash spoken to him from Deron Williams or anyone thinking that Deron Williams is in the same tier as him in terms of the best point guards in the NBA. In terms of stats, actual play on the court, and basketball aesthetics, Kyle Lowry has been playing like one of the better point guards in the NBA this season. Last night, he showed it by utterly embarrassing D-Will with the play of the game last night. Read the rest of this entry »


NASCAR tracks may want to pray that there is no need to use the jet dryers when Juan Pablo Montoya returns to NASCAR.

No, he isn’t bailing on his full-time ride in the IndyCar Series. Montoya is returning for two races with Team Penske this season. Montoya will team up with Brad Keselowski and Joey Logano at Michigan International Speedway and Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Montoya, who won the Indianapolis 500 in 2000, nearly became the first winner in NASCAR and the IndyCar Series at the 2.5 mile oval, leading the most laps in the 2009 and 2010 editions of the Brickyard 400. Now he is trying to out there and win for Penske.

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You remember this guy? Oh, I’m sure you do. The smart guy from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? He rocked a purple mask and had a big, long stick as a weapon. Yep, that’s right! That’s Donatello. Ah, nostalgia. I used to wake up on Saturday morning and watch him make contraptions, get into adventures with the other Ninja Turtles and everything felt right with the world. Well, everything was right until Michael Bay got his hands on the rights of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. What you’ll see below is the new interpretation of what Donatello looks like. Brace yourselves.  Read the rest of this entry »

john-servatiTo many, swimming at the collegiate level isn’t a big deal, but to a 21 year old man named John Servati, it was a way of life. This 21 year old man was killed during Monday evening’s tornado in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. While he was a student-athlete, he will also be remembered as a hero. He was a vibrant young man, who always had the dream to swim for the Crimson Tide.

And boy did he swim, with an intensity that Alabama team captain Phillip Deaton called “amazing.”

As Monday night’s storm grew stronger and the tornado sirens began to go off, Servati did the right thing. He sought shelter with his girlfriend in the basement. What he didn’t expect was the retaining wall to give way. This young man held up the wall long enough for the love of his life to escape.  Read the rest of this entry »

How sexually inappropriate.

How sexually inappropriate.


Robinson Cano made his return to Yankee Stadium the other night after leaving for the Seattle Mariners in the offseason.  His return was met with boos and some fans yelling “You sold out!”  There are about 15 different things wrong with that statement.  While Cano’s contract is ludicrous and outrageous, what kind of human being in their right mind would turn down $240 million dollars to return to a team that barely made you an offer and then dissed you by throwing way too much money at a guy who used to play for their biggest rival!?

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Tonight  in Boston, the Montreal Canadiens will begin their Eastern Conference Semi-Final series against the Boston Bruins. These two Original Six franchises have had a long history against each other and this upcoming series will only be the next chapter in a very long series of novels.
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According to multiple news outlets, Heisman trophy-winning Free Seafood University FSU quarterback Jameis Winston was cited for shoplifting $32.72 worth of seafood at Publix grocery store in Tallahassee, Florida Tuesday night.  Among the items allegedly shoplifted were crab legs and crawfish. Read the rest of this entry »