Aaron Hernandez

According to multiple sources, ex-New England Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez was moved to a segregated unit in prison after a shiv was found in his jail cell.  This is is the latest incident in an ongoing string of inmate misconduct involving the former NFL star.  The dude is literally living out every jail movie or TV show ever.

It’s no coincidence that I write this article after recently watching the movie Get Hard, a Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart comedy where Ferrell’s character “James” is sentenced to 10 years in prison after being wrongfully accused of fraud.  In the movie, James learns how to survive in prison, and I have the feeling Aaron Hernandez may have gone through a similar course of study before beginning his life sentence.

James learned how to pick fights.  Aaron Hernandez got into a fight only a few months into his jail sentence.

In Jail movies, someone is always the lookout whenever another inmate is catching a beatdown or getting shanked.  Hernandez was recently written up for being the lookout during a prison fight.  And now the shiv.  A prison flick isn’t complete unless someone makes a knife out of their toothbrush and a piece of scrap metal.

If Aaron Hernandez’s goal in prison was to be the most stereotypical inmate ever, he’s nailing it.

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