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Happy Holidays, Craft Beer fans! I hope you all were lucky enough to get some awesome beers under the tree this year (or under whatever item is the focal point of your holiday) or got to try a solid beverage or two while with family or friends.
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The hiatus is over! Craft beer reviews are back! You guys, I am so terribly sorry. I had to put my love of reviewing fine brews for you guys on the back burner for a little while as I was taking care of life (work, school, planning my wedding, you know the deal…) but I AM HERE AND YOU ARE READING, hopefully.

The football season is winding down, the baseball hot stove is heating up, and the weather in the North East is bitter and cold: the best time for an awesome porter!

I tend to make a weekly (or bi-weekly) trip to the beer distributor and just walk around before I make any purchases. I usually have something in mind and look to pick up something that I haven’t gotten to experience yet. This time around, I wanted something that would be awesome for a cold evening and have a ton of chocolate flavor. There were so many options but seeing the bold logo just drew me in (see above). Also, the fact that I could somehow drink a chocolate shake in beer form was mind-blowing to me.

I poured Shake Chocolate Porter into a regular pint glass and got ready for the TSB Radio podcast (listen to it on Tuesday nights from 9-10pm!!!). It poured a deep brown color, as expected, with a tanned foamy head (get your mind out of the gutter). The smell reminded me a lot of a packet of hot chocolate (you know, the powder from Swiss Miss). It kind of also tasted that way as well. There were notes of mocha, caramel, milk chocolate, vanilla, and porter earthiness while remaining very sweet.

I’m a big fan of darker beers and an even bigger fan of anything chocolate. This beer is perfect for somebody new to craft beers who doesn’t want anything too powerful or overwhelming. This beer will be added to my list of favorite porters, for sure. The ABV isn’t too high and the mouthfeel isn’t too chalky. If you can, I’d pick up a six pack or search it out on tap.



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Last night Earl, Jon, and Kevin kept the New York Mets theme going.  Take a listen as we took calls from Eddie (@xTomatoes), James (@MidnightBashem), David (@Graves9), Don (@Hey_its_Don), and Josh (@Joshchapdelaine) to start the show. After the callers, we were lucky enough to have Matthew Cerrone (@MatthewCerrone) from join us to talk about Mets moves,, social media, and more.
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Tailgating Beers

This article was written by TSB reader Marisa Rivers

Everyone loves beer and sporting events. With baseball nearing the World Series, basketball pre-season underway and football weekly battles in full effect, your chances of enjoying beer watching a sporting event are high. Bud Light, Coors Light and other mass-produced beers are becoming monotonous and you’re not sure what the vendors are pouring anymore. You’re tasked with picking up some beer for you and your friends to enjoy at a tailgate or at your buddy’s house. Here’s a breakdown of beers that are worthy of picking up at your local distributor but won’t scare you away from a finely crafted beverage. Get ready, this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship with beer.
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Welcome back, craft beer fans! It’s a fine, chilly autumn Tuesday evening; PERFECT for a delicious beer. I am currently watching the Islanders game, enjoying an awesome beer. So I figured… why not review it for you guys?! There are plenty of MLB Playoff games, hockey games, and Thursday Night Football coming up, so you guys need some beers.

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Top tier pumpkin craft beers.

Top tier pumpkin craft beers.

As promised, I’m back for my second week (and the fifth week of the football season) bringing you my recommendation for what you could, and should, be drinking on football Sunday. I will pretty much always remind the readers that I will only be suggesting craft beers as they are a passion of mine and I like supporting local businesses.

It’s October so… for this edition, I’ll be providing you with my top three (was going to do five but it’s honestly too difficult) pumpkin beers and then a handful that are also very, very good.

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Written by Kevin O. (@Fromheretoli)

Hey guys! So this is my first post with Total Sports Blog (thanks for the invite, Earl!) and I’ll be bringing you my craft beer recommendations for your football Sundays. I’m sure many of you are sticking to the “standards” such as Bud, Miller, Coors, maybe some Sam Adams, and that is absolutely okay; craft beer is a “build-up” experience. I myself was weary at first but once I started purchasing and supporting local and smaller breweries, I started to see the difference in taste and quality.
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