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Weird Emmy’s Were Weird

September 24, 2013 by


Yes, I know that there was a football game on Sunday night, but how else are you guys going to know all of the super exciting stuff that happened at the 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards? I think that it’s safe to say that Sunday was just a weird day in general, as football was just ugly and there were more upsets than correct predictions on Emmy winners. Below is a complete list in case you missed it, plus my favorite happenings of the evening!

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After the last two episodes of Breaking Bad left us close to a state of cardiac arrest, “Granite State” felt more like the eye of the storm before “Felina” causes the general TV public to shit it’s pants and board up their windows. What you have here are the three main characters either in an actual cage or a cage of their own invention. Also, Nazis are running around, causing havoc, and sometimes even dressing like ninjas. We’ll start talking about these cells that Walter, Jesse, and Skyler find themselves in as well as the ramifications of Ninja Nazis after the break.  Read the rest of this entry »

It’s all come apart at the seams. Walter White had built an empire under the guise of doing it for his family but when in actuality it was for his pride. Everything that he’s done, every lie he’s told, every batch he’s cooked and everyone he’s killed was a stepping stone to reach the point where he’s been in the last few episodes….unbelievably rich and the ability to tell people what to do because this whole time…he’s been right and everyone else was wrong. This episode of Breaking Bad (unsurprisingly titled “Ozymandias”) disproves all of that.  Read the rest of this entry »


The video for Miley Cyrus’ second single off her much anticipated album, Bangerz, has dropped. “Wrecking Ball” has nearly 5 million views, and it’s less than a day old. When I heard that the coveted Terry Richardson was directing it, I was immediately pumped. In my eyes, that man is a genius. He does not give a fuck. And neither does my home girl, Miley. I sat intently and watched all 3:42 waiting for something to happen…and it did. Watch the video after the jump.

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It’s not fair. Television shows aren’t supposed to be this good. They are supposed to distract us from reality…and to take our minds off the things in our life that are bothering us. But sometimes there are TV shows that are sooo excellent at what they do…that they create their own fabric of reality. In that piece of fabric, there are situations that shake us to the core. Sometimes, we have to watch other TV shows in order to distract us from THAT reality. That’s when you know you’re watching special. This is how I feel when I’m watching Breaking Bad. Over the course of this season, there have been moments where I feel like I’m Hank on the verge of an anxiety attack. Let me help you get a proper perspective on what I mean. I watched last night’s episode right after the New York Giants shitted on themselves and their home field advantage (lol j/k) by letting the Dallas Cowboys overtake them on Sunday Night Football. I was hoping that it would provide a suitable distraction…but a funny thing happened. By the end of the episode, I wanted to re-watch the Giants game in hopes that it’d distract me from the ending of “To’hajiilee”. I kind of felt like Jesse in the middle of last week’s episode. Whatever I want or expect to feel like,  I will feel the complete exact opposite of that. This television show is the heartless, un-breathing doppleganger of Walter White. Breaking Bad is the devil…and this episode is the right hand man that does it’s handiwork.  Read the rest of this entry »

600106566_8c58fd25-2aaa-4c77-99cf-d3f1be6243e5-c--documents-and-settings-sevans-my-documents-my-pictures-dancing-with-the-stars-logo1Dust off your dancing shows.

Season 17 of Dancing With The Stars is back and the cast announced on Wednesday, is interesting to say the least. As a result of ratings in recent seasons, the show will only air one night a week this season.

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Unless you are Amish (in which you’re totally getting shunned for reading this; I hope it’s worth it), you have either seen or heard about the twerking incident and Taylor Swift’s choice words for Harry Styles at the VMAs on Sunday. Being a pop culture junkie, I wanted to give this a few days and see how long it would take for the powerful Cyrus flame to be extinguished. This flame is apparently making the Olympic torch look like a tealight in the wind because everyone and their second cousins are still tweeting, Instagramming, posting on Facebook, and relaying new memes of this on a daily. Taylor’s immature antics have fallen to the wayside a bit, but I think this is cause for a little comparison. If the opportunity ever presents itself, would you pick Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift?

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JayZ is not an attractive guy to me, but homeboy is beautiful in the music video, excuse me, VISUAL for Holy Grail. I love that he’s calling it a visual. And that it was released exclusively on his Facebook fan page for the first 24 hours. Fuck you’s to convention left and right here.

Check out the video after the jump.
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