Jamaal Charles and the Chiefs are TSB's Best Bet for Week 2

Last week I was so wrapped up in the start of Fantasy Football, that I forgot to put out my picks for the week.  So from now on, I’ll post my picks for each game and keep a running tally to see what my winning percentage is for the year from week 2-17.  So without further ediu….TSB’s week 2 picks.

1 PM Eastern

Kansas City @ Cleveland (-3)

Last Monday night Kansas City showed the 57 people still awake at 1:30 AM, that they are on the way to turning this ship around.  The Chiefs have become super athletic, and can obviously run the ball.  The Browns on the other hand can’t run or throw the ball.  The only chance they have to score is on a punt or kick return by Josh Cribbs.  Not that it would help if he was on the field, but QB Jake Delhomme looks like he’s not going to play and career backup Seneca Wallace will be running the show for the Browns.  BEST BEST Pick: KC  RESULT: WIN

Buffalo @ Green Bay (-13)

Last week, Green Bay RB Ryan Grant suffered a season ending leg injury.  So (at least for this week) Brandon Jackson will be called upon to shoulder the load of the running game.  The only time he’ll see the ball is in the 4th qtr when the Packers are running the clock out.  Aaron Rodgers should have a field day against a putrid Buffalo squad.  Pick: Green Bay  RESULT: WIN

Baltimore (-3) @ Cincinnati

This is a tricky game.  Baltimore won last week on Monday night against the Jets.  I’m not sure if the Jets 170 yards of total offense was more a product of Mark Sanchez’s ineptitude to throw the ball, or was the Ravens defense back to 2000 form?  The Bengals on the other hand got demolished in New England and the score wasn’t even close to the 38-24 outcome.  The Bengals allowed Tom Brady all day to throw, and didn’t score a TD on offense till garbage time.  Defense rules here.  Pick: Baltimore  RESULT: LOSS

Pittsburgh @ Tennessee (-5.5)

We have two teams that are going to look to do the exact same thing.  Run, run and run.  The only difference here,  is that Tennessee has CJ2K and Pittsburgh has Rashard Mendenhall.  Sorry Rashard, but you’re no CJ2k.  I like Tennessee to win a close one.  Something like 17-13.  So take the points here.  Pick: Pittsburgh  RESULT: WIN

Philadelphia (-6.5) @ Detroit

Detroit nearly won last week in Chicago except for Calvin Johnson not knowing the rules.  With less than 20 seconds to go, he caught an apparent go ahead TD that was overturned because he was more interested in celebrating than keeping the ball in his hand until the play was over.  This will be a game won or lost by 2 backup QB’s.  For the Eagles, Ron Mexico (some of you might know him as Michael Vick) is in for the injured Kevin Kolb, and Shaun Hill is in for the injured Matthew Stafford.  With Detroit’s weak defense, I expect Vick to have a field day.  The Lions have a hard enough time game-planning for a pocket passer, so I have no idea how they will contain Vick.  Pick: Philadelphia  RESULT: LOSS

Chicago @ Dallas (-7)

There’s no way Dallas is going to muster only one touchdown this week against the Bears.  The Cowboys are getting the rest of their offensive line back this weekend when Kyle Kosier and Marc Colombo return from injuries that kept them out of the week 1 loss at Washington.  The Cowboys can’t afford to have Alex Barron and his 3 holding penalties from last week, including the one that cost them on the final play of the game, try to stop Julius Peppers from getting to Tony Romo.  Look for Felix Jones to get involved more this week with screen passes.  As for the Bears, QB Jay Cutler better have his head on a swivel this week because it’s not the Lions that will be coming for him, it’s All-Pro outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware and his new sidekick Anthony Spencer.  The two of them have been eating QB’s for breakfast since halfway through last season.  Look for the Cowboys to capitalize on Cutler turnovers.  Pick: Dallas  RESULT: LOSS

Arizona @ Atlanta (-6.5)

Neither team looked very good at all last week.  Atlanta couldn’t get anything going on offense and then allowed a 50 yd TD run in overtime.  Arizona was ultra sloppy in their opening win at St. Louis, and WR Larry Fitzgerald was visibly annoyed, with QB Derrick Anderson overthrowing him by 15 ft all game.  Look for RB Michael Turner to toast Arizona’s poor run defense, and for QB Matt Ryan to look deep for WR Roddy White.  Take the points, because Ryan has proven to be “Matty Ice” late in ballgames and keep the other team in the game.  Pick: Arizona  RESULT: LOSS

Miami @ Minnesota (-5.5)

Lots of people are looking at this game as a make or break game for the Vikings.  With the Packers already holding a 1 game lead in the division, the Vikes can’t afford to take another loss.  Favre looked OK last week, but was hit hard many times.  The Vikes run D is the best in the league, so Dolphins QB Chad Henne has to make some plays in the passing game.  The Fish went out and got Brandon Marshall in the offseason for this type of game.  AP will find the end zone this week and help the Vikes to grab the W, but it will only be by a field goal.  Pick: Miami  RESULT: WIN

Tampa Bay @ Carolina (-3.5)

The Panthers roll into this game after a sloppy performance against the Giants last week.  They couldn’t get the running game going at all, and made crucial turnovers int eh red zone.  I like The Bucs to get QB Josh Freeman on the move, out of the pocket, to make some plays in the passing game.  PICK: Tampa Bay  RESULT: WIN

4pm Eastern

St. Louis @ Oakland (-3.5)

In the “Who Cares Bowl”, Rams QB and 2010 #1 overall draft pick, Sam Bradford, look to show the Raiders what a #1 overall QB should look like.  Bradford had a mixed bag in his 1st outing as a pro.  He was called upon the trow it over 50 times last week but had only 1 TD to go with his 3 INTs.  But luckily for him, Stephen Jackson should run wild on the Raiders defense this week.  I really have ZERO opinion on the game, so I’ll take the points.  Pick: St. Louis  RESULT: WIN

Seattle @ Denver (-3.5)

In this week’s battle of terrible west coast teams, Pete Carroll’s legal $100 million team, the Seahawks….NOT the Trojans, head to Mile High to take on Football Jesus and the Broncos.  This game looks to be as exciting on paper as watching the grass grow.  Two real boring and mediocre teams.  That 1/2 point looks like it could loom huge here.  I’m guessing Knowshon Moreno will have a good game against the Seahawks defense, Kyle Orton should throw for some yards, and Matt Hasselbeck will continue to be the most overrated QB in football.  That guy hasn’t been good since like 2007.  Take the points here.  Pick: Seattle  RESULT: LOSS

Houston (-3.5) @ Washington

Finally! An interesting game.  Last week Washington capitalized on two bonehead plays by the Dallas offense, and didn’t score an offensive TD to beat the Cowboys.  This week, they better bring John Riggins and Art Monk, because Houston is going to look to score a ton.  Last week, Texans RB Arien Foster ripped the Colts apart for 230 yds and 3 TDs.  Sorry to all you Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson fantasy football GM’s who had those two.  There’s no way Schaub and Co. are kept quiet in the passing game this week.  They are feeling good and are 8-2 in their last 10 games outside of their own division.  Pick: Houston  RESULT: LOSS

Jacksonville @ San Diego (-7)

Too bad no one within a 75 mile radius of Qualcomm stadium will see this game, because Chargers fans are pathetic.  This game will be blacked out because the Chargers haven’t sold the game out.  How the hell can a team with Superbowl aspirations not sell out a game, let alone their home opener?  This one is for you Charger fans…MJD will run WILD on you like KC did last week.  Taking the points is the play here.  Chargers QB Phillip Rivers will probably bitch out his WR’s during the game this week and then decide that it’s time to stop eff-ing around and win a close one.  Think along the lines of 24-20.  Pick: Jacksonville  RESULT: LOSS

New England (-3) @ New York Jets

“Sir, step away from the ledge.”  That’s what many NYPD officers have been telling Jets fans this week after that Monday night debacle against the Ravens.  Although I agree with the “It’s only one game” theory, I’d be pressing the panic button after this game.  0-2 here we come!  I really believe that the Jets are going to get blown out of their own building.  The Patriots are sick and tired of the Jets running their mouths, and coach Bill Billicheck and QB Tom Brady are going to make a statement.  Revis Island isn’t big enough for Patriot WR’s Randy Moss AND Wes Welker.  Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie is going to need to father some more kids this week to cover all the Patriots WR’s.  The Jets are going to need 30 guys back there defending Tom Brady’s aerial attack.  Jets QB Mark Sanchez is going to have to match the Patriots score for score this week and that’s not going to happen.  LAY THE WOOD SPECIAL!  Pick: New England  RESULT: LOSS

8pm Eastern

New York Giants @ Indianapolis (-5.5)

If there’s one thing I’ve learned while watching football, it’s DO NOT BET AGAINST PEYTON MANNING IN A NATIONALLY TELEVISED NIGHT GAME!!!  How many times have we seen him come out on fire and have 250 yds and 3 TD’s at halftime?  I’m not buying into the 3 int performance by the Giants secondary last week.  Matt Moore is not Peyton Manning, and Peyton has 4 legit studs to throw to.  The only way I see the Giants hanging in the game is if the can run the ball and control the clock.  Brandon Jacobs must be the bruiser that he was 2 yrs ago to put this game away if given the opportunity.  But, I just don’t see that happening.  Sorry Little Brother, but this one is going to Big Brother.  Pick: Indianapolis  RESULT: WIN


New Orleans (-6) @ San Francisco

Monday night features the defending Superbowl Champion New Orleans Saints on the road against the perennial sleeper team, San Francisco 49ers.  Too bad they played like they were literally asleep last week against the Seahawks.  The 49ers were absolutely pathetic in every aspect of the game.  I’ve never been on the 49er bandwagon, and I certainly won’t be on it this week.  Drew Brees is entering the “Don’t bet against me on national television” level.  San Fran has a nice defense, but It will not be able to contain Brees and the passing game of the Saints.  49ers RB Frank Gore will get some nice fantasy stats, but in the end, they won’t matter much.  I like the Saints by a touchdown.  Pick: New Orleans RESULT: LOSS