You like my new haircut? Even if you don't, lay the wood with Brady and the Pats. They are TSB's Best Bet for Week 3

After going 6-10 last week, maybe I should change the name of this column to — Total Sports Blog “My 15-month old daughter’s”  Week 3 NFL picks.  If there’s anything that I can be happy about last week, it has to be my Best Bet pick of KC + 3 at Cleveland.  I mean Cleveland hasn’t been a favorite in a game  since 2006.  It just seemed like a great bet.

1 PM Eastern

Tennessee @ NY Giants (-3)

This is a very intriguing matchup.  The last time these two teams played, back in 2006, Vince Young led an incredible 4th quarter comeback to give the Titans a victory.  This week, coming off a benching after poor performance, Young is going to be called upon to start making plays.  The Giants are going to stack the box against Chris Johnson and force Vince to throw.  That’s should be a good thing for the Giants, but over the years, they’ve had a tough time covering the TE with their bad LB corps.  I like the Titans here and for Bo Scaife to have a key catch or two.  PICK: Tennessee  RESULT: WIN

Buffalo @ New England (-14)

Boy was I wrong about New England last week.  In a classic “Eff-you” game, the Jets showed up and The “Sanchize” had the best game of his career.  Who would have thought that the Jets would hold Randy Moss and Wes Welker to 38 receiving yards each?  Granted, both of them had TD’s, but the fact that they were smothered all game was shocking.  This week however, the Patriots could put up 50 on the Bills.  Buffalo went into Green Bay last week and got absolutely whooped.  So Ryan Fitzpatrick has been called upon to save the day for the Bills.  That just spells disaster.  BEST BET PICK: NEW England  RESULT: LOSS

Cleveland @ Baltimore (-10.5)

Can the real Joe Flacco please stand up?  Seriously, brah.  What’s ur damage?  For a guy who was supposed to take the “next step”, he’s looked pretty much like a rookie back there.  Luckily for Joe, the Ravens will be feasting on a terrible Cleveland team.  The only way Cleveland will score any points is on a Josh Cribbs return.  I like Flacco to bounce back from his 4 INT performance last week and have a solid game.  PICK:  Baltimore  RESULT: LOSS

Pittsburgh (-2.5) @ Tampa Bay

There’s no way in hell Tampa Bay can start the season off 3-0… there?  Hell no.  I don’t care who the Steelers are gonna run out there to play QB, Tampa Bay is going to get shut down.  Did you see what Pittsburgh did to Tennessee last week?  If Chris Johnson got held to 50 yds, what’s going to happen to Cadillac Williams?   Sorry Tampa, but it’s just not happening.  PICK: Pittsburgh  RESULT: WIN

Cincinnati (-3) @ Carolina

Let the Jimmy Clausen era begin!  Sorry Matt Moore, but damn, that was a quicker hook than I expected.  Clausen gets thrown into the fire against one of the league’s best pass defenses (aside from that NE debacle week 1).  If John Fox was smart, he’d keep it simple this week with Clausen and let DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart handle the load this week.  Oh, wait, they’ve already tried that?  CRAAAAAAAP!!  PICK: Cincinnati  RESULT: WIN

Atlanta @ New Orleans (-4)

New Orleans comes home after another lackluster offensive performance.  Luckily for them, Minnesota and San Fran don’t exactly have juggernaut offenses.  Will this be the week where the Saints finally break out with a 40 point performance?  Maybe, but it’s going to be without Reggie Bush.  Even though he hasn’t been as explosive as most people had hoped, he still makes the defense think.  Now, Pierre Thomas has to step up and show that he’s a stud.  Michael turner had tweaked his groin in the 1st half last week against Arizona, but he’s ready to go this week.  Last year in his only game vs. the Saints, turner racked up 150 yds on only 20 carries.  I like this to be a close game, featuring a defensive score by one of teams.  It’ll be a close one, so take the points.  PICK: Atlanta  RESULT: WIN

San Francisco (-3) @ Kansas City

Hello Vegas!!! Have u watched either of these teams so far this year?  Team A has been blown out by a putrid team and turned the ball over 4 times in a home loss.  Team B beat a pre-season Superbowl contender and won their next game on the road.  So why is team B a 3 point dog at home?  Ohhh, that’s right, cause for the 8th year in a row, everyone is on the ”SF is gonna make the playoffs!!!” bandwagon.  KC was almost my best bet of the week for the 2nd week in a row, but I don’t think it’s legal to do that.  I’ll gladly take the 3 points at home.   PICK: Kansas City  RESULT: WIN

Detroit @ Minnesota (-11)

Can Brett Favre please get his head out of his ass this week?  Talk about an abysmal start to the season.  Minnesota is in pure panic mode this week and MUST win this game.  Luckily for them, the Lions come into town with Shaun Hill at the helm and not Matthew Stafford.  Favre is going to have his hands full trying to run away from QB crusher Ndamukong Suh.  The Lions will have an even tougher time trying to tackle Adrian Peterson.  I’ve laid the wood in all these big spreads so far, so I’ll take the points here.  PICK: Detroit  RESULT: LOSS

Dallas @ Houston (-3)

How this spread isn’t bigger I don’t know.  But what I can tell you as a die-hard Cowboys fan is that the offense can’t get a 3rd down conversion when they need it, and pro-bowl CB Mike Jenkins is going to be on a gimpy knee.  Let’s do a simple math equation here.  (Andre Johnson + Kevin Walter) x Matt Schaub = DISASTER.  This spread should be at least 7.  The only thing that could disrupt this passing game is that starting LT Duane Brown has been suspended for 4 games for using PED’s like his teammate, Brian Cushing.  So figure the Texans might use an extra tight end or keep Arian foster in the backfield to block on passing downs.  Either way, I love the Texans here.  Dallas has shown me nothing other than that Jason Garrett is the most overrated and overpaid offensive coordinator in the league.  with this talent, if you can’t put up 28 or more points per game, you are just not doing your job.  PICK: Houston  RESULT: LOSS

4 PM Eastern

Washington (-3.5) @ St. Louis

Washington comes off a very disappointing OT loss to the Texans last week, where they allowed Matt Schaub to complete a 4th and 10 desperation heave to Andre Johnson to essentially force the OT.  I’m not a very big believer in Donovan McNabb as a whole.  But for this game I am.  St. Louis clearly has a QB of the future in Sam Bradford, but the defensive side of the ball is where they are going to continue to struggle.  Given time, McNabb should carve up the secondary and put up some points.  PICK: Washington  RESULT: LOSS

Philadelphia (-2.5) @ Jacksonville

Bad Newz Kennels head to the ‘Ville this weekend with its financial backer at the helm.  Andy Reid just LOVES guys who are felons.  Whether is his drug addict sons or dog killer Mike Vick, Andy just wants to win.  Sorry Kolb, your head might be OK, but you can’t run a 4.3  40-yd dash.  MJD was a no-show for his job last week in San Diego, along with QB David Garrard.  Maybe this week, the offensive coordinator will think it’s a good idea to eliminate interceptions by handing the ball off to an elite RB.  I like the Eagles to use Ron Mexico the same way the did last week.  Move him around the pocket and let him take off if the situation presents itself.  Not to be overshadowed was last week’s performance by RB LsSean McCoy.  He had a big day with 120 yds and 3 tds.  This kid looks like the real deal.  Pick: Philadelphia  RESULT: WIN

Indianapolis (-5.5) @ Denver

Last week in the “Manning Bowl”, Peyton put on a typical dominating performance and pimp-slapped the Giants secondary.  So with no Champ Bailey this week, the Broncos secondary is going to need a voodoo doll or something to help them out.  On the other hand, the Colts small D-Line got manhandled by the Texans huge line in week 1.  That bodes well for the big o-line of the Broncos.  Knoshown Moreno looks healthy and could help the Broncos keep Manning off the field.  The other thing to remember this week is that the Broncos will be playing their hearts out this week for WR Kenny McKinley, who took his life on Monday.  Never count a team out when they are playing with that kind of emotion.  That’s why I’m taking the points.  Even though Kenny may not have contributed heavily in the few games he played, he might have his greatest impact on this one.  PICK: Broncos  RESULT: LOSS

San Diego (-6.5) @ Seattle

I like the “Whale’s Vagina” in this one because they are essentially playing the same team this week, as they did last week.  Even without Ryan Matthews, San Dee-ahhhh-go controlled the game vs. Jacksonville.  They neutralized MJD and forced David Gerrard to gift wrap passes into their hands.  Seattle is such a mediocre team.  I just really, really hate them.  Pick: San Diego RESULT: LOSS

Oakland @ Arizona (-4)

Darren McFadden may have finally proven that he’s not a bust.  He’s 2nd in the NFL in rushing yards after 2 weeks.  So naturally, The Grim Reaper is going to call down to Tom Cable and tell him to get Michael Bush in there.  With Bruce Gradkowski behind center, I like the Raiders.  He’s athletic and can move around.  When he’s gotten a chance to start, the Raiders have actually been able to move the ball.  On the other hand….Derek Anderson is just abysmal.  The Cards got their doors blown off by Jason Snelling and the Falcons last week, after Michael turner left early with a groin injury.  I don’t see how Arizona should be favored over anyone at this point.  I’ll gladly take the points.  PICK: Oakland  RESULT: WIN

Sunday Night Football 8PM

NY Jets @ Miami (-2)

I have no idea in this one.  I’ll be honest.  It’s a game that I can’t wait to see, but am having a REAL tough tome deciding who I like.  On one hand I’m saying to myself that the “Sanchize” is going to build off his great performance last week and play well.  On the other hand, I see the Dolphins stuffing the run, making Sanchize throw a lot, and he’s bound to make a mistake.  The Fins have won the last 3 games in this series, and can crush the hearts of the Jets and their fans.  Even though I root for the Jets when I’m not watching the Cowboys, I’m going to use my head here and say that the Wild-Cat will spit out a TD and be the difference maker.  I like the Fins in a low scoring battle.  16-13 or something like that.  PICK: Miami  RESULT: LOSS

Monday Night Football 8:30 PM

Green Bay (-3) @ Chicago

Another big rivalry game.  The battle for 1st place in the NFC North.  Last week the Bears went into Dallas and spoiled their home opener with Jay Cutler looking like Peyton Manning.  Matt Forte still hasn’t gotten anything going on the ground so far this season, but has been extremely effective in the passing game.  Aaron Rodgers of the Packers hasn’t had the greatest start to the season, but looks like he’s shaking the rust off.  I expect him to air it out this week considering Brandon Jackson was essentially a non factor in last week’s blowout of Buffalo.  Pick: Green Bay  RESULT: LOSS