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Week 5 is creepin’ up on us like “The Situation” on Vinny’s piece last night.  Hook and I talk about last’s week’s grenades (Mike Vick, Randy Moss, Mike Sims-Walker) and the guys who could blow up this week.  Also, we make our picks for Survivor pools.

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Hook’s Week 4 NFL Wrap-Up

October 5, 2010 by

Week 4 of the NFL is all wrapped up and the Kansas City Chiefs are the lone remaining undefeated team.  This is why we all love the NFL.  Expect the unexpected.

The all-out suck fest continues for the 49ers, Lions, Bills and Panthers.  At 0-4, the chance any of these teams makes the playoffs is less than having a one-nighter with Paris Hilton and avoiding the clap.  The 49ers continue their pace of bad game/good game as they nearly defeated the Atlanta Falcons.  Roddy White saved the day by forcing a fumble after a Nate Clements interception, which led to a 43 yard game winning Matt Bryant FG for the second week in a row.  The Lions came roaring back after falling behind early to the Packers but lost in typical “close but no cigar” Detroit fashion.  The Bills should change their name to the Doormats, and the Panthers just can’t seem to get it going.  I don’t blame rookie QB Jimmy Clausen, he’s actually looked OK for being thrown to the wolves about a year and a half too soon.  The inability for this team to establish the running game is their main problem, and until they get that going you’ll see the losses pile up.

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Can Jay Cutler and the Bears move to 4-0? TSB thinks so. Da Bears are our BEST BET in week 4

Please excuse me while try to rinse the taste of vomit out of my mouth.  Another week, another disaster picking the games.  I’m almost at the point where I’m gonna get that damn octopus that picked the World Cup winners, to make my NFL picks.  Last week I went 7-9 for a combined record of 13-19 through weeks 2 and 3.  Best Best record stands at 1-1.  This week starts the bye weeks.  So there are 2 fewer games on the slate.

1 PM Eastern

Denver @ Tennessee (-6.5)

It’s getting hard to ignore the fact that Kyle Orton might be a good QB.  In a losing effort, last week he threw for over 450 yds against the Colts.  Without Knowshawn Moreno in the lineup, newly acquired Lawrence Maroney was called upon to shoulder most of the running game.  He was hardy impressive, so Orton took to the air.  On the Titans side, the defense came up huge in their win on the road last week against the Giants.  The Titans were able to create multiple turnovers in the Giants Red-Zone, and change the game’s flow.  Chris Johnson was outstanding once again with 130 yds on the ground and a TD.  I think Tennessee’s defense is going to be the Read the rest of this entry »


Week 3 is in the books and it’s time to tackle week 4.  We take on some surprising performances so far this season and talk about some terrible teams.  Survivor pool picks and starts/sits of the week are all on tap.  They’re all right here in the TSB week 4 podcast.

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