Ronnie Brown will finally have a big game this week against the Bengals. This makes the Dolphins TSB's BEST BET for week 8.

With the new strategy in place, I’ll stick with it after an 8-6 week, and upping the Best Bet record to 2-4.  My record is creeping up to the .500 mark, and it currently stands at 35-39-1.  With 6 teams on their bye, week 8 should be interesting. 


Broncos @ 49ers (-2.5) in London, England

Why the hell does the NFL think that people in England give a shit about the NFL?  Hey Rodger Goodell, if you want the English go care, stop sending shitty teams over there every year.  That being said, Troy Smith is starting for the 49ers, and they’re giving points.  This is absurd.  PICK: BRONCOS  RESULT: LOSSJags @ Cowboys (-6.5)

The Jags on the money line is the play.  John Kitna is Drew Bledsoe 2.0.  He can’t move at all.  Tony Romo is NOT playing people.  PICK: JAGS  RESULT: WIN

Redskins @ Lions (-2.5)

Did Barry Sanders rise from the dead or something?  The Lions are laying points?  Geez.  Thanks for the free money Las Vegas.  PICK: Redskins  RESULTS: LOSS

Packers @ Jets (-6)

When are people finally people are going to realize that Aaron Rodgers is overrated?  Maybe this week.  Welcome to Revis Island.  PICK: JETS  RESULTS: LOSS

Panthers @ Rams (-2.5)

I traded Jonathan Stewart for Dwayne Bowe this week.  Naturally, DeAngelo Williams’s foot falls off.  I hate you Jonathan Stewart.  PICK: RAMS…out of spite.  RESULT: WIN

Dolphins @ Bengals (-1.5)

The fish have lost to the Jets, Pats and Steelers.  Only the 3 best teams in football.  Ronnie Brown will finally get going in this game.  BEST BET PICK: Dolphins RESULT: WIN

Bills @ Chiefs (-7)

Worst run D vs. the best run O….hmmmm.  It’s going to be a BIG day for Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones fantasy owners.  PICK: Chiefs  RESULT: LOSS


Titans @ Chargers (-4)

Talk about a trap game here.  Everyone is gonna bet on the Titans, and they’re all gonna lose.  The Chargers ONLY win at home.  PICK: Chargers  RESULT: WIN

Bucs @ Cardinals (-3)

Talk about the most boring game of the day.  I’m taking the Bucs since this game might end up in a 0-0 tie.  PICK: BUCS  RESULTS: WIN

Seahawks @ Raiders (-2)

The Raiders are starting to look like a real team.  Darren McFadden is looking like the NFL comeback player of the year.  Raider nation is back baby!  PICK: Raiders  RESULT: WIN

Vikings @ Patriots (-6)

I’m just checking.  Favre is going to be playing with 2 breaks in his ankle?  This is just the dumbest thing of all time.  I hope the damn thing gets a staph infection.  Pats are gonna ROLLLLL.  PICK: Pats  RESULT: WIN


Steelers @ Saints (-1)

That’s a courtesy point that the Saints are giving.  Talk about a Super Bowl hangover.  You effed me in the survivor pool last week Mr. Brees.  Now Mr. Head and Shoulders is gonna eff YOU!  PICK: Steelers  RESULT: LOSS


Texans @ Colts (-5.5)