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With the buzz of a possible new arena on the horizon, Garth Snow gave the residents of Nassau County another reason to vote “YES” on Aug. 1st for that arena.  The Islanders General Manager inked his Calder Trophy Finalist, Michael Grabner, to a brand new 5 year deal.  The NHL’s fastest skater will earn $15 million over those 5 years, for an annual salary cap hit of only $3 million untill the 2015-2016 season.

Snow gladly plucked the former first round pick up off of waivers just before the season started.  For some reason, the Florida Panthers made the decision that Michael did not fit into their system.  What that “system” is, nobody knows.  But what we do know now is that Jack Capuano’s system fits “Grabs”, “The Gremlin”, or @Grabs40 as he’s known to his 18,000 + Twitter followers.

Grabner started off the season relatively slow with only 8 goals up untill December 31st.  But once the calender turned over to 2011, Grabner caught fire.  In January he scored 6 goals, in February he scored 10 goals (including a 6 game goal-scoring streak), and in March/April he scored 9 goals.  He would wind up leading all rookies with 34.  Read the rest of this entry »

What’s that noise?  Ahhh, that’s my daughter.  The human alarm clock.  You can set your watch to her.  8:45 AM on the dot, “DAAAAAA DEEEEEEE!!!!”.  So like every other Saturday morning, I fumble for my glasses and make my way to the crib with nothing but a smile on my face.  She grabs her blanky and I take her into the living room to watch some cartoons as I wake up.

I make her some breakfast (pancakes are about all I know how to make) as she sits in her high-chair.  I can see she is anxiously awaiting  her pancakes like her daddy awaits a Jose Reyes triple.   She smells them and her eyes grow as big as baseballs.  Kinda like when Jose goes down and laces a scorching line drive into the gap.

So when my daughter was all done eating and was screaming to watch the Bubble Guppies, I took to twitter and thanks to!/dailystache“>@DailyStache, my day has been ruined already.  Yesterday on there was an article written by Tom Van Riper (Click Here) that was so blatantly ignorant, that I wanted to throw my laptop on the ground.  This guy is either a HUGE Yankees fan or just a Mets hater.

Let me start tearing this article apart…

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