By Michael Cruz

To start off, I’d like to introduce myself. My name’s Michael Cruz, a 16 year old from Central California, born and raised Mets fan.

For the second year in a row, the National League has made a statement that they CAN compete with American League. The way I see it, is: The NL plays smart, small ball with great pitching; the AL…. smash, smash, smash the ball and go yard. But this year was different. Fielder, who was named 2011 All-Star Game’s MVP, went yard with a 3-run homer in the bottom of the fourth inning for the National League. In the top of the inning, Jose Bautista tried to score from 2nd on a line drive into left field, but was gunned down at the plate by Hunter Pence to end the inning.

Lots of people only know Bautista for his homers, but he’s also a great outfielder. Bautista played RF last night and made a great, sliding catch in foul territory.

An odd highlight of the game, which I thought was very fun to watch, was Heath Bell’s hustling entrance. He always runs to the mound, but last night he added a little spark to it with a pop-up slide at the mound. The crowd loved it.

RBI’s from Prince Fielder, Andre Ethier, and Pablo Sandoval were what made up the 5 runs for the NL.

The American League was not as exciting as I thought they would be. NL’s bullpen really held them down. 2011 Home Run Derby runner up Adrian Gonzalez hit a solo shot in the top of the fourth for the AL’s only run of  game.

What really got the crowd going were the 4 Yankees that did not show up – Jeter, Rodriguez, Rivera, and Sabathia. The only player on the Yankees that I thought had a good enough excuse not to show up was A-Rod.  He recently had surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his knee. Other than that, thinking of not showing up is just arrogant. Jeter just hit his 3,000th hit in straight class with a homerun. I am definitely not a Yankee fan, but I still had respect for the man. It would have been great if he showed up, that way his celebration could have been a nationwide thing instead of just in New York. Sorry guys, Jeter has emotional problems  and supposedly needs a rest. The others are just as arrogant as well.