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NFL Week 6 Power Rankings

October 14, 2011 by

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers still hold on to the top spot

We’re 5 games through the season and it’s time for some power rankings.

While some teams are red-hot (Packers and Lions), some are “cooooold bloooded” (Rams, Colts, Fish).




No team has been more consistent thru the 1st 5 games




Aside from week 2, the D is playing like it’s 2001.




Stafford has taken “the leap” in year 3.




No D, all O.  Welker might have 2000 yds rec this year.

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Before we get into the final episode of the season for the best television series since The Wire, I want to give you a fair warning. I’m not going to recap every little thing that happened in this episode in chronological order. Frankly, it’s not necessary. I’m going to discuss the main points of this episode and season and then talk about the prospects of the future of the show and hopefully we can use the comment section to have an informal discussion about it. With a show like this, this is probably the format that will work best.

Face Off was maybe one of the few predictable episodes of the series but Read the rest of this entry »

Here at TSB our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Raiders owner, Al Davis.  Love him or hate him, he was one of the most passionate owners in professional sports.  Rest in peace, Al.

NFL Week 5 is where fantasy leagues start to shape up.  If you’re sitting at 0-5, it’s over.  You’re looking at a best-case scenario of being a play-off spoiler for someone else down the road.  If you’re in a keeper league you might as well start trading for next year keeper prospects.  You need at least 1 win by now to even think about sniffing the playoffs, and this week’s Fantasy Studs may have helped you out. Read the rest of this entry »

After last week it’s Hook at 9-7, Earl at 6-10.  Let’s jump right into it

Kansas City +2 @ Indianapolis

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When I said I really liked Green Bay vs the Broncos, I never thought Rodgers QB GB would pop off quite the way he did.  What a fantasy monster.  With the MNF game left to play, I’m 8-o on the season in survival picks (UPDATE: Tampa wins so I’m 9-0) so let’s just jump in to the Week 4 Studs and Duds.

Week 4 Fantasy Studs

1.  Aaron Rodgers QB GB 408 passing/4 TDs/1 INT/36 rushing/2 Tds and one championship belt celebration

2. Chris “Beanie” Wells RB ARI 138 rushing/3 TDs

3. Matt Forte RB CHI 228 total yards/1 TD Read the rest of this entry »

I think I just need to get something off my chest…

This site is dedicated to Sports and Pop Culture.  I know that.  But every day I must walk the “Trail of Tears”, as I call it.  A cattle herd of peope that walk from the World Trade Center PATH Station, to the blocks surrounding my office building on Broadway, downtown NYC.

Other than the fact that since the WTC PATH station has been under construction for about 7 years, forcing my walk to be what seems an extra mile, it’s not that bad of a stroll.

This might sound corny, but the best part about my walk to work  is going through Zuccotti Park.  This was formerly known as Liberty Plaza Park.  There was so much debris from the September 11th attacks, that the park was essentially destroyed.  5 years ago, It was reopened by a privately funded operation, and they did a beautiful job.

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