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I delayed the publication of this article due to the fantasy football scoring factory known as Monday Night Football, thanks to Drew Brees QB NO and Jimmy Graham TE NO.  Every once in a while, Brees puts together a monster game that makes him look like the best QB in the NFL.  The only thing that separates him from Rodgers QB GB and Brady QB NE are games like the St Louis debacle where you expected huge numbers and got 10 fantasy points in return.  As for Graham, he’s hands down the best TE in football.  He’s what Antonio Gates TE SD was 5 years ago, maybe even better.  Let’s take a look at this week’s studs:

Week 12 Fantasy Studs

1. Drew Brees QB NO 363 passing/4 TDs/0 INTs/8 rushing/1 TD, dominant game.

2. Victor Cruz WR NYG 9 rec/157 yards/2 TDs, only 1 salsa dance due to the blowout.  Mario who?

3. Wes Welker WR NE 8 rec/115 yards/2 TDs

4. Beanie Wells RB ARI 228 rushing/1 TD

5. Roy Helu RB WAS 164 total yards/7 rec/1 TD Read the rest of this entry »

Now that the tryptophan coma has worn off, we’re got some week 12 pick commin’ at ya!

Hook was 1 and 2  thanks to Green Bay, and I was 2 and 1 no thanks to the Cowboys.  There won’t be any fancy writeups today, as it’s a travel day for everyone.  So here they are…



ARI @ STL -2.5



BUF @ NYJ -9.5



CLE @ CIN -7



HOU -6.5 @ JAX



CAR -3.5 @IND



TB @ TEN -3



MIN @ ATL -10



CHI @ OAK -3



WAS @ SEA -3



NE -3 @ PHI



DEN @ SD -5



PIT -10.5 @ KC



NYG @ NO -7.5




When it comes to Thanksgiving, most people really only care about two things.  The football and the food.  The Pilgrims and Indians sometimes creep into the back of our minds, but when it comes down to turkey day, it’s all about  whether you want to start eating in the 2nd or 3rd quarter of the Lions game.

This year, you might want to DVR the 2nd half, or just move the dinner table into the living room.  The Lions (7-3) are now a real team for the 1st time in 15 years, and guess who’s coming to town?  Aaron Rodgers and the undefeated Packers (10-0).

In the second game, lame duck coach Tony Sporano and the suddenly hot Miami Dolphins (3-7), winners of three in a row, travel to Dallas to take on the first place Cowboys (6-4).  Three weeks ago this looked like an awful game, but thanks to both teams having 3 game winning streaks, that all changes.

In the nightcap, it’s the “Harbowl”.  The shocking 9-1 49ers travel to Baltimore to take on the Ravens (7-3).  Jim vs John Harbaugh,  in the HARBOWL!!!! Read the rest of this entry »

No, Silent Bob isn’t the Kevin Smith making noise this week (although ironic how he was the special guest on AMC’s Talking Dead Sunday night).  Detroit running back Kevin Smith RB DET went OFF in Week 11 for 201 total yards and 3 TDs.  He leads off this week’s fantasy studs.

Week 11 Fantasy Studs

1. Silent Bob Kevin Smith RB DET 201 total yards/4 rec/3 TDs, should be this week’s top waiver-wire pickup

2. Matthew Stafford QB DET 335 passing/5 TDs/0 INTs, spread the ball out and had a field day

3. Ray Rice RB BAL 147 total yards/2 TDs/5 rec, my fantasy MVP for his consistency

4. Nate Washington WR TEN 9 rec/115 yards/2 TDs

5. Jordy Nelson WR GB 6 rec/123 yards/2 TDs, how can you not love this guy? Read the rest of this entry »

6-9 last week.  VOMIT. FEST.  I don’t even know why I’m even doing picks anymore.  Once you think you have a grasp on these teams, its gone.  Well I guess that’s why they play the games.  I had no excuse.  I wasn’t in Vegas.  I wasn’t out partying the night before.  I wasn’t even out of my house.  So let’s give it another shot.

Tennessee +6.5 @ Atlanta

Buffalo +3 @ Miami

Cincinnati + 6.5 @ Baltimore

Jacksonville +1 @ Cleveland Read the rest of this entry »

The first updated AP and ESPN/USA Today Coaches Polls came out on November 14:

AP Top 25
1    North Carolina (62)     2-0    1,620
2    Kentucky    1-0    1,519
3    Ohio State (1)     1-0    1,486
4    Connecticut (2)     1-0    1,429
5    Syracuse    1-0    1,358
6    Duke    2-0    1,274
7    Florida    1-0    1,132
8    Louisville    2-0    1,122
9    Pittsburgh    2-0    1,084
10    Memphis    0-0    1,017 Read the rest of this entry »

Lisfranc fracture.  If you asked me what that was on Saturday, I’d guess a broken finger (and I’d be way off).  Thanks to Matt Schaub’s QB HOU season ending foot injury, I’ve learned something new.  Who said football wasn’t educational?

Schaub wasn’t the only impact player hurt this weekend.  As ESPN’s John Clayton reports, 14 players suffered season ending injuries in Week 10.  Luckily for fantasy football managers only a handful of those players play positions used in standard leagues.  Along with Schaub, Knowshon Moreno RB DEN is out for the year with a torn ACL, Matt Cassel QB KC suffered a hand injury that requires surgery.  All 3 guys can be dropped from fantasy teams immediately.

Several other players suffered injuries that may linger for the next couple of weeks.  Michael Vick QB PHI broke 2 ribs.  Jeremy Maclin WR PHI aggravated a hamstring injury.  Frank Gore RB SF hurt his knee AND his ankle.  AJ Green WR CIN injured his knee on a TD catch, MRI results were negative.  Julio Jones WR HOU injured his hamstring as well as did Willis McGahee RB DEN.  Calvin Johnson WR DET suffered a mild concussion.  DeMarco Murray RB DAL had a huge game, but injured his shoulder in the process.  You’ll want to check up on all of these guys before setting your lineups for the next few weeks. Read the rest of this entry »

Last week I called my picks in from Vegas after 2 sleepless nights and an amount of alcohol that would kill most mortal men.  I’m going to be honest the lack of sleep/sobriety cost me.  6-8 for my 2nd sub par week in a row, but I’m back in Chi-town, well rested and ready to get back on track.  47-32-3 on the season (4-2 best bets) is still a solid mark and I’m looking to improve with this week’s picks (minus the Thursday night game, obviously)

Pittsburgh -3 @ Cincinnati

Kansas City -3 VS Denver

Jacksonville -3 @ Indianapolis

Buffalo +5.5 @ Dallas

Houston -3 @ Tampa Bay

Carolina -3 VS Tennessee

Washington +3.5 @ Miami

Atlanta PK VS New Orleans

Detroit +3 @ Chicago

St Louis +2.5 @ Cleveland

Philadelphia -14.5 VS Arizona

Baltimore -6.5 @ Seattle

San Francisco -3.5 VS NYG

New England +1.5 @ NYJ

Green Bay -13.5 VS Minnesota

The Philly VS Arizona game is going to be such a bloodbath that most handicappers won’t even give a spread.  The Eagles are not who we thought they were, but the Cardinals suck so bad they’re going to let ’em off the hook.  Vick accounts for 5 TDs (3 passing, 2 rushing) in a blowout of New Orleans VS Indianapolis proportions.  Look for Earl to chime in with his picks shortly. Read the rest of this entry »

After 40 sleepless hours in Las Vegas I got back to my apartment in Chicago at around 2:30 PM on Sunday.  While I missed the first batch of games, I powered through the rest of the weekend in order to bring you the fantasy football rundown you’ve come to love (or hate, depending whether or not you traded away Fred Jackson RB BUF like I did early this season).  My advice for survival picks wasn’t perfect again, but I gave you 4 choices and came through on 3 of them.  Let’s jump right in to our top performers for Week 9.

Week 9 Fantasy Studs

1. Vincent Jackson WR SD 7 rec/141 yards/3 TDs, knew the game would be a shootout, VJax was the main beneficiary.

2. Aaron Rodgers QB GB 247 passing/4 TDs/0 INTs/52 rushing, absolutely ELITE QB.

3. Julio Jones WR ATL 3 rec/164 total yards/2 TDs, Rodney (sic, a la Suh) White who? Read the rest of this entry »

Let’s start with a tortured metaphor.  Imagine if your employer, along with a group of other employers in the same industry, belonged to a trade organization.  The trade association has an executive committee that makes various decisions, the most important being picking a person to organize a prestigious banquet that honors top employees of the industry. The members of this committee are appointed by each employer.  And it has further stipulated that the way each employer appoints its members is by direct vote of each employee.  Each employee, from the CEO to the janitor gets a vote, regardless of whether they’re a star employee with years of experience or a part-timer with only a marginal knowledge of the industry.Surely you realize this is an absurd way to conduct this process.  Giving employees who have almost no stake in the health of the industry, never get to attend the banquet and are possibly on minimum wage the power to appoint the trade industry’s most powerful people, is a recipe for corruption and disaster.  No serious organization would act this way. Read the rest of this entry »