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It’s halfway through the NCAA Men’s Basketball season and we’re seeing more and more of what’s become a trend over the last 3 seasons- parity.  The teams that were supposed to dominate from start to finish aren’t doing so and mid-major teams are creeping into the top 25.  Only 1 undefeated team remains- 9th ranked (way too high for a team that doesn’t play quality competition) Murray State after Syracuse’s 20 game win streak came to a halt at Notre Dame.  While tiers have emerged, there is no clear cut lock to take home the National Title on April 2nd.  Let’s take a look at the most recent polls: Read the rest of this entry »

BAL +7  @ NE

@ttlsportsblog – “On the road again…..”  The Ravens have had this as their theme song for what seems to be about 10 years.  

After 7 consecutive road playoff games, the Ravens finally got a home game last week and beat the depleted Houston Texans.   With Joe Flacco playing another less than stellar game, saftey Ed Reed was the latest to call him out publicly.  It’s bad enough when your own teammates are calling you out, but how about one of your neighbors?   Read the rest of this entry »

'Cuse looking really, really good right now

1 Syracuse (31) 19-0 775
2 Kentucky 17-1 742
3 Baylor 17-0 714
4 Duke 15-2 654
5 Missouri 16-1 629
6 Ohio State 16-3 619
7 Kansas 14-3 591
8 North Carolina 15-3 569
9 Michigan State 15-3 509
10 Murray State 18-0 449
11 Connecticut 14-3 416
12 Georgetown 14-3 410
13 Indiana 15-3 358
14 Florida 14-4 304
15 Mississippi State 15-3 288
16 San Diego State 15-2 282
17 Virginia 14-2 269
18 Creighton 16-2 260
19 Michigan 14-4 259
20 UNLV 16-3 252
21 Louisville 14-4 130
22 Marquette 14-4 119
23 Saint Mary’s 17-2 100
24 Harvard 15-2 61
25 Illinois 15-3 58
  • Others receiving votes: Vanderbilt 47, Kansas State 46, New Mexico 41, Wisconsin 27, Middle Tennessee 21, Gonzaga 21, Seton Hall 16, West Virginia 13, Wichita State 13, Alabama 7, Nevada 3, California 2, Brigham Young 1
  • Dropped from rankings: Kansas State 18, Gonzaga 23

Teams Ranked Too High: Read the rest of this entry »


Alex Smith Shuts Me Up

January 16, 2012 by

Alex Smith and Vernon Davis made a believer out of me

I’ll be honest.  I was pulling for the 49ers to beat the Saints.  All season I was trying to tell myself that they are a mediocre team and play in a mediocre division. But when they come out of the tunnel on Saturday, they were looking for respect.  And they got it.  Never in a million years did I think that the Saints would lose…again…as a road favorite.  But it just goes to show you that a hungry fan base, hungry players, and a hungry coach, can make the biggest non-believers, believers.

I wrote on Friday that I didn’t have faith in Alex Smith to make any big plays and that the 49ers couldn’t score enough to win the game.  Once again, I was proved wrong.  On the final drive of the game with the 49ers down 32-29, Smith had ice water coursing through his veins.  It was just incredible to watch him progressing through his reads.   Read the rest of this entry »


I’ve always admired Tim Tebow as a person and as an athlete for his accomplishments on the collegiate level.  To say I’ve always been a Tebow fan would be inaccurate.  For one, I think his focus on religion does go a tad overboard, and there’s no way I believe he’s still a virgin.  Google “Tim Tebow Girlfriend”.  Here, I’ll save you some time

As an alumnus of THE Binghamton University, I’ve never been much of a college football fan.  We’ve never even had a football team. Read the rest of this entry »


If I were a gambling man, I would have been a rich man after last week.  4 games.  All 4 correct.  Now, I’m not going to puff out my chest just yet, because this is the NFL and everyone knows that the unexpected always happens.

Wild Card Weekend Results

Scott aka “Earl” (@ttlsportsblog) 4-0 (doubted Tebow’s will to win)

Chris aka “Hook” (@HookTSB) 3-1 (picked all the winners)

Connor (@CJScutts) 1-3 (2-2 winners)

New Orleans -3.5 @ San Francisco

@ttlsportsblog – I’ve been burned all year by San Fran.  And boy do I want them to prove me right this weekend.  I’ve thought they are a mediocre team that’s gotten by on a solid defense.  Bottom line is that you need to be able to score in this league. When you have a QB who hasn’t thrown for over 300yds in a single game this year, you obviously can’t get behind early.  I just don’t see the 49ers putting up 28 or so points on offense.  BUT……I do see them making a big defensive or special teams play that will make this game close.  The Saints on grass will be slowed down, but that just means that Brees will be throwing the short ball all game and at a 75% clip.  I like the Saints to win, but not cover.  27-24 Saints win on a last-minute FG.

@HookTSB – San Francisco had an excellent year.  Their defense was top-notch and Alex Smith did enough not to lose games.  Their biggest wins during the regular season were Philly, NYG and Pittsburgh.  They lost to their 2 other quality opponents in Dallas and Baltimore, and dropped a 3rd to the lowly Cardinals.  They haven’t played a team like the Saints all year.  Drew Brees is rolling right now.  If his public image was more religious and less family-man, we’d all be calling him Breesus.  Saints -3.5 could be the easiest call of the weekend, I’m thinking blow-out city 38-21. Read the rest of this entry »

It all started in 1999 with the arcade game, but truly exploded in 2000 on the Sega Dreamcast.  Virtua Tennis was one of my favorite games as a kid, not because I’m a tennis fan (spoiler alert, I’m not), but because of the ease of gameplay and the heated battles that would ensue.  If you were lucky enough to have a Dreamcast, a system truly ahead of its time, there’s a good chance you owned the original.

11 years later Sega released it’s 4th installment of the game with updated players and some new features that didn’t exist back in the Dreamcast days.  I have no idea what features are updates from Virtua Tennis 2 and 3 (nor do I care to look them up), but 4 can be played in 3D if you are rich enough to own a 3D TV and features a motion play option for use with the PlayStation Move controller.

The Players:

ATP Players

WTA Players



  • Indonesia King
  • Indonesia Duke

As you can see, almost all of today’s tennis stars are playable, and even a few legends too.  You can even create your own player in the game’s World Tour mode and use that player in Arcade and Exhibition modes as well.  I was wondering why only Venus Williams made the cut and no Serena, but then realized digitally reproducing this body would warrant an NC-17 rating and would require several additional programmers and graphic designers

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Scott aka “Earl” (@ttlsportsblog), Chris aka “Hook” (@HookTSB) and Connor (@CJScutts) break down Wild Card Weekend.


@ttlsportsblog I feel as if everything is leaning towards the Texans in this game.  The Texans have the best player in this game in Arian Foster.  Although “Youz-din” is on their 9th QB of the season, their running game and defense are top-notch.  The fans should be going crazy for the 1st playoff game in team history and play a big factor in the game.  I like the Texans to win and cover.

@CJScutts  I really like both of these teams in what I consider the tightest of these wild card weekend games to call. Houston may have the better offense, but Cincinnati has the better defense. Both are young and inexperienced at this level so I’m expecting lots of nerves and maybe a few mistakes. I’m going with a 24 – 21 Houston win.

@HookTSB  I just don’t think Andy Dalton is ready for the big time yet.  If Jerome Simpson tries to flip over roided-up Brian Cushing there’s a good chance he becomes a paraplegic.  Look for the Texans to cover and win.

PIT @ DEN  Read the rest of this entry »