Scott aka “Earl” (@ttlsportsblog), Chris aka “Hook” (@HookTSB) and Connor (@CJScutts) break down Wild Card Weekend.


@ttlsportsblog I feel as if everything is leaning towards the Texans in this game.  The Texans have the best player in this game in Arian Foster.  Although “Youz-din” is on their 9th QB of the season, their running game and defense are top-notch.  The fans should be going crazy for the 1st playoff game in team history and play a big factor in the game.  I like the Texans to win and cover.

@CJScutts  I really like both of these teams in what I consider the tightest of these wild card weekend games to call. Houston may have the better offense, but Cincinnati has the better defense. Both are young and inexperienced at this level so I’m expecting lots of nerves and maybe a few mistakes. I’m going with a 24 – 21 Houston win.

@HookTSB  I just don’t think Andy Dalton is ready for the big time yet.  If Jerome Simpson tries to flip over roided-up Brian Cushing there’s a good chance he becomes a paraplegic.  Look for the Texans to cover and win.


@ttlsportsblog Pittsburgh has been holding open tryouts for DB’s this week as another one bites the dust.  The last time Ryan Clark played in Denver, he dropped 35 lbs and his spleen and gall bladder removed.  The Steelers leading tackler suffers from Sickle Cell.  Whenever the Steelers have traveled to the Mile High city, Clark does not travel with the team due to hardening of his red blood cells.  That being said, I don’t think it will matter if the Steelers grab 4 of their drunkest fans in attendance to play DB.  Tebow Time won’t be throwing the ball.  He’ll be running for his life.  There’s a chance this game ends 2-0.  Denver has a real solid D of their own.  I expect the Steelers to win, but not cover.

@CJScutts  – Tebow time could be over, for this season at least. Coming off 3 straight losses, this Denver offense seems somewhat predictable which I never thought I’d say. Both teams have a great outside pass rush (Denver – V.Miller and E.Dumervil who combined for 21 sacks this season. Pittsburgh – J.Harrison and L.Woodley who haven’t had their best seasons, and yet are still dangers that Denver can’t afford to ignore) who will be up against two of the more mobile quarterbacks in the league known for making plays with their feet. Two defenses I rate highly could make this one a relatively low scorer. I’ll go with a 17 – 7 win for Pittsburgh.

@HookTSB Tebow shalt not lose 4 times in a row.  He’s a gamer.  He’s a baller.  He’s a play maker and a shot caller.  In case you didn’t know, I got Tebowed he shattered the mold and all he does is win, all, all he does is win games.

I’ll be sporting my custom jersey while I watch the Mile High Messiah lead his team to victory in a 14-10 barn burner.


@ttlsportsblog Last time these two met, a meaningless 4th and 1 stop, followed by a cheezy screen pass, sent me in to my Fantasy Football championship game due to Stafford going over 400 yds.  This week I have Stafford again as my playoff fantasy QB, but I only expect to have him for 1 week.  The Saints are absolutely rolling right now, and have not punted since week 7.  Sean Peyton is more worried about individual stats than anything else at this point.  So if Brees opens up completing his first pass and its for a 40 yd TD, expect them to throw it 86 more times.  There’s no way Detroit stops this offense, and Stafford is a little too mistake prone to go toe to toe with Brees.  I like the Saints to cover on a late TD.

@CJScutts  – One phrase comes to mind, Shoot-out. These two offenses should be able to put up points on their opposing defenses . It could come down to who fails to score the most rather than the other way round. Both teams are also coming into this one hot. If the Saints can take Megatron out of the game, we could see a repeat of the week 13 31-17 mauling,  although I can’t see that happening. Detroit will put up a good fight but New Orleans will tame the Lions and come out on top after a 41 – 35 touchdown party.

@HookTSB I like Drew Brees and co to win this one, but covering this ridiculous spread is going to be tough.  Matt Stafford is locked in on Megatron and this shootout should see New Orleans winning by a touchdown, possibly 10 points coming in just under the 11 point spread.


@ttlsportsblog Oh how I LOATHE you!  The Giants are such a mediocre team that I don’t know where to begin.  So here’s the breakdown…Dead last in the NFL in rushing.  Can’t stop the run.  Can’t stop the pass.  All they can do is pass.  They get one crazy insane play per game where Eli just chucks the ball up for grabs and Nicks/Cruz/Ballard/Manningham/McConkey/Hilliard/Tyree/Bavaro comes down with it and all the Giants fans tell you how great he is.  MetLife Stadium is a morgue.  Zero life in the stands.  Bottom line is the Falcons are a better team, but will succumb to typical Giants luck.

@CJScutts  – Another very close game which I think could steal the show this weekend. Two sets of great QB/WR groups with Ryan, Jones, White in the red corner and Manning, Nicks, Cruz in the blue corner. The game could well come down to the rushing games of the two teams. Atlanta has seen a huge drop in production from Turner this year who owns a poor average of just 56 yards per game, however, if Turner returns to his best, Atlanta could be in the box seat against one of the leagues poorest run defenses. The Giants have allowed an average of 126.1 rushing yards per game this year although they managed to restrict Felix Jones to just 30 yards in their NFC East deciding game vs Dallas on Sunday night. I go with the Falcons landing the knockout punch in another close one, 21-17 win for ATL.

@HookTSB  Matty Ice has been on fire lately, but Eli is coming off a big win VS Dallas.  Expect the NFL’s best player with downs syndrome to channel his inner rainman for another playoff run.  Giants cover easily.