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With the NFL draft just moments away, follow me and refresh the page frequently to see what’s going on, pick by pick, trade by trade.

7:38 PM– First pick-off of the night.  The Cleveland Browns acquire the #3 overall pick from the Minnesota Vikings for the #4 overall pick, plus the Browns 4th, 5th and 7th round picks.  There was no way the Vikings were going to take T-Rich.  Seems to me like Cleveland just gave away 3 extra draft picks for nothing.

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The Blackhawks Marian Hossa leaves on a stretcher thanks to a headshot delivered by the Coyotes Raffi Torres

When is it going to end? What is it going to take for reckless shots to the head of defenseless players to stop?

We’ve seen the NHL attempt to crack down on such plays. Since Brendan Shanahan was appointed the new “Czar of Discipline”, he has been handing out suspensions and fines at an alarming rate. But what has it done?

Maybe some players have thought twice about targeting an opponents head, but until there is a black and white, no discretion rule, players are going to continue to act like idiots. If one day you hand out a $2500 fine for a star player smashing another star player’s face into the glass like he’s in the WWE, but then give a non star player a 3 game suspension for an elbow to the side of the head, what kind of message are you sending? Read the rest of this entry »

Way before Ohio State booster/sherpa/tattoo shop owner Edward Rife started trading ink for memorabilia, tattoos became synonymous with professional athletes.  It started in the early 90’s with guys like Dennis Rodman who were considered “rebels” or “loose cannons”.  Nowadays you’d be hard-pressed to find a professional athlete that doesn’t have at least one tattoo.  Not all ink is good ink, though.  Some of the tattoos these guys get are downright ridiculous.  Without further ado, here is Hook’s Top 10 Worst Tattoos in Sports.

#10. Brock Osweiler, Arizona State QB “Live Life to it’s Fullest”


Getting a tattoo is a major decision that some people don’t put enough thought into.  Unless you pay for expensive laser surgery, the ink is going to be on your body forever.  The least you could do is proofread the message you’re tattooing on your arm before it’s permanent.  See that, Brock?  I used the word “it’s” correctly.  I can only imagine what this genius got on the Wonderlic. Read the rest of this entry »

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Lucas Duda, David Wright and Ike Davis provide the power for the Mets 2012 season

In an offseason to forget, the New York Mets slashed payroll, begged people to come to Citi Field, lost Gary Carter to cancer, lost their best player to a division rival in free agency and settled a massive lawsuit.  Other than that, the Mets 2012 offseason was pretty boring.

So the only thing left for the “experts” and bloggers out there to decide was, how many games will the New York Mets win in 2012?  The most optimistic Mets fans that I had come across topped out at between 82-84 wins.  And almost all of them followed up that number with  “if everything goes right”.  Most “realistic” Mets fans gave a number in the 72-77 range.  That was basically where I was.  I figured with Johan Santana looking healthy in Spring Training and a re-tooled bullpen, there was no reason to think that they couldn’t be basically where they were last year. Read the rest of this entry »

Once the most beloved player in the league, LeBron James tarnished his reputation with a drawn out free agency period, an ESPN special, and one sentence:  “I’ma take my talents to Souf (sic) Beach”

While a few hundred people in Miami jumped for joy, legions of Cavs fans cried.  Some burned jerseys, others shipped their unwanted LBJ gear to South Florida to clothe the homeless.  Once the King of Cleveland, James was now a bum in their eyes.  They were no longer witnesses.  They were sour, angry people blindsided by their former hero.  Fans took to YouTube to voice their distaste while Cavs owner Dan Gilbert used comic sans. Read the rest of this entry »