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If you weren’t already aware, Ndamukong Suh is one of the biggest douchebags in professional sports.  He has intentionally tried to injure opposing players on several occasions and what he did to Matt Schaub on Thanksgiving is no different. 

The worst part about Suh’s latest egregious play is that he claims it was unintentional.  Unintentional?!?!  You see the upward motion at the end of the GIF straight into Matt Schaub’s manhood?  Unintentional my ass.

“It’s a crazy play, it’s one that unfortunately happened,” Suh said. “I didn’t even realize it until the end of the game, when I see my Twitter feed, I see my friends telling me about it. Other than that, I can’t do much more about it. I was being dragged to the ground and my foot inadvertently hit the man.

“It’s part of the game.”

Sorry Ndamukong, I’m not buying your bullshit.  I haven’t seen an NFL player lie though his teeth like this since Golden Tate after the Seahawks were given the game by replacement refs after the “intertouchdownception”.  While denying the play was intentional may prevent Suh from being suspended for his actions, the NFL is clearly placing some blame on the scumbag for his actions by fining him.

Suh is currently endorsed by Nike, Subway, Chrysler, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Omaha Steaks.  Why do these companies pay this asshole?  What type of image are they trying to promote to their consumers?  I hope some of these companies (if not all) drop Suh from their payroll in the near future.

Football is a violent enough sport as is when played fairly.  The NFL doesn’t need thugs like Ndamukong Suh going out there with the intent to injure quarterbacks through dirty play.

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