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After going 13-5 in Week 10, look for my predictions to remain worthy of recognition. There has been little movement within the top batch of teams, but Notre Dame did fall one spot after struggling with Pittsburgh all the way into triple overtime. West Virginia continues their fall from the glory of national spotlight to the glory hole of a rest stop bathroom off I-75. Little upsets this deep into the season, but this week there could be some serious shake-ups in the Top 25–especially with the grouping of one-loss teams. It remains to be a three-way race of who will lose first to determine who will play Alabama in the National Championship. The wait continues…

Ball State @ No. 25 Toledo

            MAC game of the week. Toledo has taken down a few heavy hitters and continues to roll. On an 8-game winning streak after losing their first week to Arizona in OT, they’re finally getting the respect they deserve. Rocket Power!

No. 10 Florida State @ Virginia Tech

Classic rivalry right here, just not gonna be as close this year. 4-5 Virginia Tech has been struggling constantly every week, especially against ranked squads. Seminoles will embarrass the Hokies in their own house and move up in the rankings.

Arkansas @ No. 8 South Carolina

            Arkansas came into the season extremely overrated and have been serious underachievers ever since. Steve Spurrier will continue to push Coach John L. Smith into debt as his job will be in jeopardy after this season.

No. 9 Louisville @ Syracuse

How can you not love Teddy?!  He’s gonna go to work this week in the Carrier Dome. He’ll be slingin’ big numbers.

“See ya!”

Iowa State @ No. 17 Texas

            Big win against Texas Tech last week moves them up in the rankings. The Cyclones can’t go into Texas Memorial Stadium and expect a victory. Texas continues to win and keep Mack Brown smilin’. Hook ‘em Horns!

Kansas @ No. 22 Texas Tech

            Charlie Weis can’t catch a break. At 1-8, bet he wishes he never left the Patriots. Struggling to get any wins in the BIG 12, look to tack on another “L” on the calendar. Rock Chalk You Suck. Tech wins big.

Army @ No. 23 Rutgers

Army is gonna need to bring out the National Guard to have any chance at this upset. Rutgers regimen may have been altered due to the storms and damage caused by Hurricane/”Superstorm” Sandy, but it won’t affect their ability to play some good football Saturday afternoon.

No. 24 Northwestern @ Michigan

            Regardless if Denard “Shoelace” Robinson plays after sustaining an injury two weeks ago, I’m taking the Wolverines at home in this matchup. Devin Gardner has worked his way back behind center and will continue to succeed. His big stature, ability to BOTH run the ball and work the spread will prove big in this victory. Wildcats fall out of the Top 25 after this upset.

“Like this, Denard.”

Louisiana-Lafayette @ No. 6 Florida

            Florida really has Louisiana-Lafayette this late in their schedule?! Come on! They better not move up in the rankings after this wupping in the Swamp.

No. 11 Oregon State @ No. 14 Stanford

Stanford experiencing their first real test since losing to Notre Dame in OT in mid-October, the Beavers should give them a run for their money. This is the game that determines if they have what it takes to be a contender….oh yeah, and Oregon and UCLA the next two weeks. Stanford for now.

No. 15 Texas A&M @ No. 1 Alabama

            Alabama’s final test and obstacle into the National Championship. With games against West Carolina and a struggling Auburn, they will win out from here. Only chance they have at losing is in the big game in January. Roll Tide!

“Who wants some?!”

Baylor @ No. 12 Oklahoma

            4-4 Baylor won’t stand a chance in Oklahoma Memorial Stadium. Sooners will lack a serious matchup until next week at West Virginia. Winning big this week against the Bears.

Maryland @ No. 13 Clemson

Clemson is one of my favorite one-loss teams. They’re underrated and their performances have been underappreciated. Tigers’ one loss was a close one against Florida State early in the season and looks to be their only one. Sporting a lackluster schedule, their ranking is probably appropriate, but their offense is tough to ignore. Real test comes at the final game of their regular season against South Carolina.

Penn State @ No. 16 Nebraska

            Nebraska is coming off big wins against Northwestern, Michigan, and Michigan State. Martinez continues to win big in both the air and on the ground. He’ll have the crowd behind him in this one at Memorial Stadium. Husker time.

Arizona State @ No. 19 USC

            USC is a powerhouse year after year, but has struggled to be battle-tested this year. The three losses they have taken were by the only ranked squads they faced: Stanford, Oregon, and Arizona. Going to be tough to finish out on top against UCLA and Notre Dame the next couple weeks.

No. 2 Kansas State @ TCU

With Collin Klein sidelined early in the 3rd Quarter last week against Oklahoma State, K-State still proved to be a serious threat to the BCS without their Heisman frontrunner.  Freshman backup QB Daniel Sams is also a dual-threat quarterback. So their offense will remain level—or excessively awesome in terms of the rest of the NCAA. Whether or not Klein will be good to go this week, they’ll still plow through the Horned Frogs.

No. 5 Georgia @ Auburn

Georgia sports a balanced offense and gritty defense that can take them far. The Tigers won’t give them a run for their money this week, nor will anyone in their future weeks as they’ll be playing garbage teams. Winning out from here. They better hope K-State, Notre Dame, and the Ducks take a loss at some point to have a chance to play Bama. Even then, their contention is questionable.

No. 21 Mississippi State @ No. 7 LSU

            Mississippi State, get out of the Top 25 already! With a bitter taste in their mouth from Alabama, LSU bounces back with a big win at home—hopefully knocking out a very sub-par MSU for good.

No. 20 Louisiana Tech @ Texas State

Louisiana Tech gets another easy win on the road in Bobcat Stadium. Yeah, I had to look that up because NOONE knows the teamname of Texas State without looking.

No. 4 Notre Dame @ Boston College

Coming off a squeaker against Pittsburg in triple overtime, I’d be lying if I didn’t say the Irish had me worried. A 2-7 Boston College doesn’t concern me. Brian Kelly will have instructed his squad not to underestimate future obstacles on their road to glory. They’ll pounce on the chance to embarrass the Eagles during primetime.

No. 3 Oregon @ California

The Quack Attack continues to steamroll the competition. They’ll be tested more the next couple weeks with more serious teams like Stanford and Oregon State. Leading the NCAA in “points for,” Chip Kelly’s offense has proven to be unstoppable—primarily due to a rushing attack that is top 3 in the nation. Quack, Quack, Quack.

No. 18 UCLA @ Washington State

UCLA finally makes their way up the rankings, well-deserving after some big wins. The Bruins won’t face a challenge in a 2-7 Washington State, even if they are at home. The Cougars are 0-6 against PAC-12 teams—they’ll remain winless in that category.
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