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Yesterday was National Sibling Day. As the oldest of three kids, I know the importance of having great siblings. Sports have seen its fair share of sibling rivalries over the years, so in honor of National Sibling Day, here are my top 10 sibling combinations I’ve seen in my lifetime. (I’m only 19 so if I miss some great sibling duos from the past I apologize.)

Honorable Mention

Jason and Jarron Collins

The fact of the matter is that these brothers aren’t very good at basketball. Jason made a career in the NBA out of setting picks and taking charges. Jarron never left the bench. However, as a die hard Nets fan, I couldn’t do a siblings article and not mention Jason Collins.

Who Wins In A Fight: Jason. He loved to take charges in the NBA so you know he can take a hit. I don’t know about Jeremy’s toughness.

Brook and Robin Lopez

Another Net just misses my top 10. Brook and Robin are far superior in skill compared to the Collins brothers. Brook is a top three center in the NBA, and Robin has had a decent career so far. Neither of these guys are Hall of Famers, but both are respectable NBA players.

Who Wins In A Fight: Brook. Robin’s a little girl.

 Eric, Mark, Jordan, and Jared Staal

Anytime four brothers can make a professional sports league, they deserve some real recognition. All four of the Staal brothers play in the NHL. Three of the four brothers were first round picks (Eric, Marc, and Jordan). Jared is the runt of the family. He was drafted in the second round.

Who Wins In A Fight: I’d say Marc because he’s a defenseman, but really, I wouldn’t be surprised if any of the four brothers won. They’re all hockey players and are tough as nails.



Now onto my top 10.

10. Steph and Seth Curry

In 2008, Steph Curry had the most impressive NCAA Tournament I have ever seen. It did not result in a NCAA Championship, but it was a Cinderella run for the ages. The younger Curry brother had an exceptional collegiate career as well. In his freshman year at Liberty College, Seth averaged over 20 points per game. Both of these brothers are two of the best shooters I have ever seen play basketball.

Who Wins In A Fight: I don’t think either of these two are really fighters, but Steph seems like more of a scraper than Seth. I like Steph in this matchup.

9. Rob and Rex Ryan

Is there a more entertaining brother duo in all or sports? Neither brother has proven to be an exceptional coach, yet both are phenomenal on the entertainment side. Rex led the Jets to back-to-back AFC Championships, while Rob has coached some of the better defenses in the NFL. The climax of their brotherly rivalry was during this press conference.

Who Wins In A Fight: I’d love to see this fight actually happen. Both these guys are fat clowns (Rex will always be fat in my eyes) and I guarantee they’d want to knock each other out. It’d be like your classic bar fight between two fat drunk guys. I’d put my money on Rob though. He seems a little smarter then Rex.

8. Tiki and Ronde Barber

Tiki was one of my favorite Giants as a kid. He dominated the league at a point, rushing for 1,662 yards the year before he retired. Ronde isn’t too shabby either. He is the only corner back in NFL history to have at least 20 interceptions and 20 sacks. Not bad on either account.

Who Wins In A Fight: This is a tough one. Tiki always seemed pretty soft to me, so I’m going with Ronde here. He just seems like the tougher of the two.

7. Jon, Arthur, and Chandler Jones

Jon Jones is arguably the best MMA fighter walking today, Arthur Jones started for the Ravens during their Super Bowl run, and Chandler Jones was one of the best defensive rookies in the league this year. You will not find a more athletic family then this family.

Who Wins In A Fight: This isn’t even a question. Jon Jones fights for a living, and is very good at that. He wins.


6. B.J. and Justin Upton

In one of the cooler stories of the MLB offseason, the Atlanta Braves brought in not one, but both of the Upton brothers. Justin was the number one overall draft pick in his class, and B.J. was the number two overall pick in his. That alone solidifies their spot on my list. Add in the fact that they are both good MLB players, and it’s a wrap.

Who Wins In A Fight: I’m going with B.J. in an upset here. Justin is the bigger, stronger brother, but B.J. definitely has the speed and quickness advantage. This would be a great fight but I’m putting my money on B.J. here.

5. Marc and Pau Gasol

Right now, Marc and Pau are two of the best bigs the NBA has to offer. Pau is a multiple NBA All-Star and Champion. Marc on the other hand, has only made one All-Star team in his short NBA career, and is poised to make many more. I have not seen better passing bigs than the Gasol brothers. They both have a special feel for the game that is unmatched by others.

Who Wins In A Fight: Marc would just sit on Pau or bear hug him until Pau suffocated. Marc wins in an easy one.

4. John and Jim Harbaugh

Who could forget about the Harbaugh Bowl? John and Jim are two of the most success coaches in the NFL. Both of the brothers came into the NFL and took little time to assert their dominance. John, the coach of the Ravens, has made the playoffs every year he has been the coach. Jim took over a 49ers franchise that been one of the worst teams in the NFL the previous year, and took them to the NFC Championship in his first season, and the Super Bowl in his second season.

Who Wins In A Fight: Jim. John seems like a levelheaded guy. Jim on the other hand, is crazy and I imagine that if he gets mad, there’s no stopping him.


3. Reggie and Cheryl Miller

Reggie Miller is one of my all time favorite players. Any one who can destroy the Knicks on a constant basis gets extra points in my book. I just loved the way he played the game. Cheryl on the other hand, is one of the most dominant female basketball players of all time. During Cheryl’s senior season in high school, she scored 105 points in a game against Norte Vista High School. The Millers can flat out ball.

Who Wins In A Fight: With all due respect to Reggie, there isn’t a doubt in my mind that Cheryl would kick his a$$.

2. Peyton and Eli Manning

As a huge Giants fan, I really wanted to put the Manning brothers first on my list. But I couldn’t. However, what these two have done in the NFL is nothing short of remarkable. Peyton is considered one of the best QBs in NFL history, and is arguably the best regular season quarterback we’ve ever seen. Eli on the other hand, has two Super Bowl rings, and is a top five quarterback in the NFL. There’s not enough room on the page to list all of these guy’s stats and accomplishments.

Who Wins In A Fight: I’m going with Eli. Peyton’s head is so big that it’d almost be impossible for Eli to miss it.

1. Venus and Serena Williams

The world of sports have never seen a more dominant pair of siblings than the Williams sisters. Let me just list a few stats for you. Combined, the Williams sisters have won 93 Women’s Single Titles, 43 Women’s Doubles Titles, 26 Grand Slam Women’s Doubles Titles, and 22 Grand Slam Women’s Singles Titles. Both Venus and Serena have been ranked number one in the world for extended periods of times. Serena has won a little more than Venus, but regardless, no pair of siblings have dominated like these two.

Who Wins In A Fight: At first I thought Venus would win. She has a huge reach advantage. BUT then Hook Showed me this picture of Serena and now there’s not a doubt in my mind about this fight. Serena is too big and too strong for Venus. Thanks Hook.


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