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I’ve played basketball all my life. I played rec ball, played JV basketball, varsity basketball, and now I play in college. I have NEVER seen or heard of a coach going as crazy in practices/games as Rutgers’ head coach Mike Rice does in this video.

Sure, coaches get fired up and occasionally call their players names. Is it right? No. But that’s just how it works. Mike Rice takes this to a new extreme, calling his players every bad word under the sun.

On top of that, he pushes his players, and throws basketballs at them from point blank range. Rice doesn’t just throw them at his player’s feet, he throws them at their heads too. Just watch the video, you’ll be amazed at what this guy has gotten away with at Rutgers.

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Earlier this morning, it was being reported that Yankees’ second baseman Robinson Cano was leaving his longtime agent Scott Boras. I was surprised when I first saw this, because Boras is known as the most powerful agent in baseball, and has a reputation of getting his clients the highest contracts possible, and Cano will be entering free agency after this season. Minutes later, it was being reported that Jay-Z, through a partnership with Creative Artists Agency (CAA), was opening a talent agency called Roc Nation Sports, and Cano was their first client.

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Andy Enfield

The Mayor of Dunk City, Andy Enfield, is moving on to greener pastures.  The former FGCU coach has reportedly taken the vacant head coaching position at USC, leaving the Eagles in the dust and cashing in at the height of his popularity.   Read the rest of this entry »

Okay, I am not your typical Yankee hater. I respect the organization for what it is, but sometimes it is kind of funny to see a team of their stature struggle. They have many key players on the DL to start the year on an already aging roster. I do not see big things out of the team from the Bronx this season, and it did not start well on Opening Day, as they lost to the Boston Red Sox 8-2 with their ace pitcher CC Sabathia on the mound, in a game that was never really competitive. I came across a tweet from Ken Rosenthal a little bit ago that made me laugh.

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Joe Girardi is speechless at Joba's new facial hair

Joe Girardi is speechless at Joba’s new facial hair

Joba Chamberlain was supposed to be the next great thing in the MLB. He came into the league in 2007 with a 99 mile per hour fastball and a nasty slider. Joba took the league by storm, posting a 0.38 ERA as a rookie in 19 appearances. Since his rookie year, Joba’s play has declined. He has posted an ERA over four in three of the last four seasons.

This year, Joba returns with a new secret weapon: a serious stache. Joba’s new facial hair is nothing to take lightly. It is one of the fiercest mustaches the MLB has seen in a while. Joba used to intimidate hitters with his 99 mph fastball. Now that his heater only tops out at about 93 mph, he figured he needed a new way to intimidate hitters: scare them with his facial hair.

If I was at the plate against Joba and his new stache, I know I’d feel uncomfortable in the box. (pictures after the jump)

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Game of Thrones is back and with it comes HBO’s special brand of drama in the form of dragons, duels, and undead people. In the season premiere, lots of Stocktoning is going on (table setting) which means…not a lot of people die unfortunately. C’mon HBO! What’s the point of having this show on premium cable if you’re not going to give us blood and death! Oh yeah, you guys are cool with showing boobs so there was that. Ahhhhh, HBO. I’m glad you didn’t forget about my needs as a viewer.  Read the rest of this entry »

Minor-League-Baseball-LogoTo help celebrate Major League Baseball’s opening day, it is time for another edition of Promising Prospects. All three of these guys are high upside prospects who are at least a year or two away from the majors. As we all know, the prospect game is extremely hit or miss, and guys like this are good examples of that. Even though all three have very good talent, I would be shocked if all of them end up being MLB regulars. Anyways, it is time for my profiles on Miguel Sano, Carlos Martinez, and Brandon Nimmo.

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walking dead carl and rick prison

For TSB’s reaction to last night’s The Walking Dead Episode “Welcome to the Tombs”, click the Read the rest of this entry link.  

(**SPOILER ALERT** Although we won’t go through the episode exactly step by step, this article will contain spoilers)

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