In a previous article months ago, I expressed my disappointment and disapproval of former Lion, Titus Young. I’m clearly not a fan. Guilty. Just as guilty as good ol’ Titus was this past weekend….TWICE in 15 hours.

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One of the major concerns of NFL teams in the pursuit of Young was not his stature or abilities on the field, but his character off the field. He had problems at Boise State throughout his stay there and that continued with coaches and out of football while under contract by the Detroit Lions.  Shortly after the Lions announced his release, Jeff Fisher and the St. Louis Rams took a gamble on Young by picking him up off of waivers—he was released 10 days later for “not fitting-in well”. He has constantly felt a sense of entitlement that he has never earned. You just can’t tame a wild horse.

Titus Young is currently going for the TRIFECTA—three arrests within a week’s time. He was arrested twice in just 15 hours this past weekend in Southern California. His first arrest was for suspicion of DUI—not his first error in judgment with the bottle. Just hours after his release, police responded to a call reporting a man was attempting to climb the fence of a tow yard. Yes, that’s right, he got arrested, his car impounded, then attempted to steal his own car back within hours. Within 15 hours, he was arrested for both suspicion of DUI and attempted burglary (a lesser charge only because it was his own vehicle).

If Titus finds himself back eating bologna sandwiches with the “brothas” in Moreno Valley again this week, he will break the record currently set by ex-Jet Cliff Harris (three arrests in nine days). If you ask me, he’s got more than enough time to break it. To his credit, Titus has battled serious mental and emotional issues throughout his life—Brandon Marshall-esque. The Detroit Lions offered to pay for him to seek professional help back in 2012 when he respectively declined to do so. I think its about that time, Holmes.


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