baseball and glove closeup

The youth today are heavily involved in sports. Research has shown that performing in sports at a young age can help to build social skills and characteristics. Unfortunately there are down sides to youth sports. As the children get older, less and less continue to play for several different reasons. Parental income plays a large part in whether children continue to participate in sport.

The culture of sports today is completely different from the way it use to be. Today, there are indoor complexes that players can practice all year around and there is more emphasis on seeking “professional” help. Baseball has become a year round sport for those who can afford it. In the cold months parents pay an indoor complex to allow their son to practice their skills indoors. To get a membership at an indoor sports complex it could cost a couple thousand dollars or more (does not include individual instructor). In addition to that cost, a metal bat costs around $400, a fielding glove and cleats can cost about $100 each. On top of that, when teams enter leagues or tournaments, they can get very expensive to enter into. Kids that have parents with that kind of money have the opportunity to grow and expand their knowledge and abilities in baseball. Unfortunately there are parents who have other financial obligations and can’t afford year round baseball training or new equipment.

As baseball continues to grow and expand money will only become that much more important. The players who are provided the most training are the ones who make their high school teams, and then they get scouted by colleges and eventually play professional baseball. In the future, most pro baseball players that grew up in seasonal climates will come from wealthy families that provided training for them when they were younger. Besides players from wealthy families there are two other areas that will contribute to future of pro baseball. Players that come from all year around warm climates like California, Texas, or Florida. They will have the ability to play all year around and have the same chances as players from wealthy families. The other area is players from areas like Cuba and Dominican Republic. They also have warm weather all year. Baseball is a tradition in these countries. These potential athletes develop well because they play constantly. MLB clubs are now aware of the potential talent in these countries and do an extensive amount of scouting in places like Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

Baseball is difficult physically, psychologically and now financially. Baseball has always had a reputation for giving people a chance, ever since Jackie Robinson entered the league in 1947. Now it seems that the door is closing for those who cannot afford to keep up financially.