Spelling is hard, you guys! The College World Series began on Saturday in Omaha, Nebraska and it seems that someone didn’t take the time to make sure their spelling error was corrected in a timely fashion.

First spotted and tweeted by Howie Lindsey of the Louisville SportsReport, the people in charge of laying out the 2013 College World Series banner on one of the dugouts missed a very large and unnecessary letter in the word college.

After the jump, check out the picture…


Three is definitely a crowd.

How in the heck does an error of this magnitude go unnoticed as workers prepare for one of the biggest events in college sports? Why do I get the feeling that the worker who was in charge of this task is probably hitting the unemployment line on Monday morning?

This dugout, which is the home team dugout for the series, is probably cursed. As the first home team to use it, Oregon State, lost to Mississippi State and the second home team, Louisville was shut out by Indiana.

Guess the extra L stands for “loss.”

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