fantasy football

It’s never too early for Fantasy Football. After talking to a friend from D.C., a list was compiled of the Top 10 Picks for the 2013 Draft. But after 6 tries at writing this, I realized one thing: this year it’s a crap shoot, although your #1 pick is unanimous….

Unless you have that one guy who is hell-bent on one player and refuses to pick AP on principal. 2-5 Can get really tricky….. Brady? Foster? Brees? Rodgers? Calvin?? In a standard, no bonus, no PPR league… 25 QB’s outscored AP on the season. 25….. PPR you ask? No bonus leagues, 12 Qb’s…. Starting to see a trend? Look at who’s left. Dez, Brandon Marshall, Ray Rice, McCoy, D. Martin, Lynch… I am aware I forgot at least 20 other players that could be justified as top 15 picks… And don’t get me started on the so-called “Second Tier” Qb’s… Romo, Luck, Stafford all outscored AP, Calvin, and Foster.

Advice to all getting ready way too early like myself…. Stop over thinking….. It’s only June..

Don’t forget…


Mock Draft Season is coming soon….



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