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Ian Kennedy needs 4 k's to strikeout Yasiel Puig

Last night Ian Kennedy of the Arizona Diamondbacks not only started a major brawl, but also needed 4 strikes to strikeout Los Angeles Dodgers phenom Yasiel Puig. Just another example of how there is zero credibility in the world of Major League Baseball umpiring.

Check out the video after the jump

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Dodgers Diamondbacks brawl

What would a Zach Greinke start be for the Los Angeles Dodgers without a few hit batters and a brawl?  But this time it wasn’t him instigating.  Last night’s starting pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks Ian Kennedy,  has actually hit more batters than anyone (22) since the start of the 2012 season.  And last night was no different.

Check out the videos of what happened after the jump.

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fantasy football

It’s never too early for Fantasy Football. After talking to a friend from D.C., a list was compiled of the Top 10 Picks for the 2013 Draft. But after 6 tries at writing this, I realized one thing: this year it’s a crap shoot, although your #1 pick is unanimous…. Read the rest of this entry »


Former NFL player Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson is known for his playful antics, but this time, those same antics got him sent to jail.

Johnson originally got in trouble with the law for head-butting his wife Evelyn Lozada (now ex-wife), but was in court earlier today for skipping a meeting with his parole officer.

But neither of these two offenses are what Johnson is headed to jail for.

Watch this video and see what idiotic move Johnson pulled in the courtroom today that has him headed to the slammer for a 30 days.

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For the second straight year at Michigan International Speedway, NASCAR’s Most Popular Driver will ring along with a superhero. This time the superhero is the Man of Steel himself, Superman. And why not? Joining forces with a superhero has worked in the past. When Earnhardt won at Michigan International Speedway last Father’s Day, he had a Batman-themed paint scheme and took that to victory lane in a dominating performance.

One of Dale Earnhardt, Jr.’s primary sponsors, the National Guard, has a tie-in with the new Superman movie, called Man of Steel and is using the movie as a recruiting campaign and it’s “Soldier of Steel” slogan has been made into a computer game. The slogan will be written on the side of the No. 88 Chevrolet and the symbolic “S” will be on the hood.

To check out pictures of this sweet looking paint scheme, check after the jump.

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PS4 Controller

When is the PlayStation 4 being released?  How much will the PS4 cost?  What new games are going to be available on release date?  What are the specs of the new PlayStation 4 from Sony?  The E3 2013 PlayStation LiveCast is going on now, and I’ll update you live with all the news as it drops.  Get the answers to these questions and more after the jump.  Read the rest of this entry »


If you saw a video of an 8-year-old squatting 200 pounds, dead lifting about 175 pounds, and pulverizing a punching bag for a minute straight, your first thought probably wasn’t, “Wow, this kid is going to grow up and pitch in the MLB.”

If that was your first thought, then you’re crazy, but that’s exactly what this video is.

Here’s a short clip of Cincinnati Reds pitcher Bronson Arroyo working out when he was 8-years-old.

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Lunatic Rradio

Check out Lunatic Radio LIVE tonight at 8pm EST/5 PST – LISTEN  – studio line 646-233-4045.   Tonight’s Total Sports Blog “Sports Minute” will be brought to you by Earl, and he will also be calling in at 9:30 pm to talk about the US Open and all things sports.


Tim Tebow’s NFL career isn’t over just yet.

ESPN’s Ed Werder is reporting that the New England Patriots will sign former Jets and Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow.

Josh McDaniels, the coach who drafted Tebow in the first round in 2009, is now the Patriots offensive coordinator.

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Crap. No more Game of Thrones for however long it takes for Season 4 to start. And they leave us with this episode? Couldn’t it have been more awesome/horrific like last week’s episode? You know like having pregnant people getting stabbed in the stomach multiple times and/or mothers watching their eldest son get killed and then getting their throat cut? Read the rest of this entry »