Installment #2 of the “Mets Twitter GM” series comes from @Metsjetsknicks7.  Even you don’t agree with the moves, please give a follow.

Lets be real, the ideas of the other MetsTwitterGM’s are simply not realistic. It is absurd to think that the Toronto Blue Jays would trade arguably the best short stop in the league in Jose Reyes and they most certainly are not going to pay fifty millions dollars for him to play in a different uniform. Frank Francisco, Jason Bay, and Johan Santana will be coming off the books, freeing some money up for the Mets to spend on talent for the first time since Sandy Alderson took over. If I were the GM, I would make the following moves starting this upcoming July 31st trade deadline:

Trade Bobby Parnell to Pittsburgh for OF Gregory Polanco

Baseball is a crapshoot, and so is a bullpen as well at the pitchers that make one up. Pitchers, especially relievers, are very unpredictable. Bobby Parnell is having the best and clearly most consistent season of his career in 2013 and has shown that he can be a quality closer in the majors. However relievers are streaky, and until you prove for a few consecutive seasons that you can be relied upon to get big outs late in games, you are dispensable. The Tigers just added Jose Veras from the Astros so they are out of the picture. The Pirates lost Jason Grilli to injury and have no timetable for his return. I think the Dodgers, Red Sox and Indians are also three potential suitors who would benefit from some added depth in the bullpen as they each push for a playoff berth. In the end, I trade Bobby Parnell to Pittsburgh for Gregory Polanco. Polanco’s ETA is 2014 and could project to be a five tool player. There’s your Zack Wheeler type prospect, Sandy.

Trade Marlon Byrd to Texas for SS Luis Sardinas

While most teams looking for help in the outfield are most interested in Alex Rios, the Mets can offer a nice alternative in Marlon Byrd who is having a tremendous come back season. I would send Marlon Byrd to the Rangers for their second overall prospect, shortstop Luis Sardinas. Considering Elvis Andrus and Jurickson Profar are both already in the majors, I don’t think Sardinas is out of the question.

Trade Daniel Murphy and Rafael Montero to KC for OF Alex Gordon

Sign Carlos Beltran (2 years, 21 M)

Sign Mike Napoli (1B) (2 years, 16 M)

Sign Grant Balfour (2 years, 7.5 M)