Admittedly, this blog post was supposed to be a review of the new Umami Burger in NYC. However, after waiting 2 hours of what was a 3 and a half hour wait during Ramadan, I gave up and ate somewhere else. We have more important fish to fry anyways (mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I could use an ahi tuna burger from Umami right about now). AMC released a teaser trailer for Breaking Bad yesterday and it’s teeming with themes and foreshadowing on how the show will end. 

Wooooooooweeeeeeeee! The trailer has an unseen Heisenberg reciting Percy Byshee Shelley‘s Ozymandias while there are interspersed images of Breaking Bad locale’s in the show’s history.

What could this all mean? Well, according to Wikipedia (and we can all trust Wikipedia as the end all, be all of all types of knowledge, right?!), Percy Shelley’s poem is about kings and empires and how they all inevitably fall. Could Walter White aka Heisenberg be the king that falls along with his empire? Duh. How else did you think this was going to end? Also, there is a character in the comic book, The Watchmen, Ozymandias is a character that is the smartest person in the world but he feels like he knows what is best for everyone and makes decisions that blurs the line on whether he’s a good guy or a bad guy… fact, many of the characters think he’s a villain up until the complete end where some of the characters agree with him. In fact, he’s willing to kill people for what he thinks is the “greater good”. Sound familiar?

All in all, it is an interesting trailer that is inviting discussion about what is possibly the greatest show since The Wire. How do you feel about the trailer and the end of the show?