fantasy football

With the NFL season officially kicking off tonight, fantasy football season is coming up fast. Thanks to big Philly, I’ve already taken part in my first draft of the year. Draft dates are approaching, and approaching very quickly. While I’m sure most fans aren’t as dedicated to preseason football as I am, I’m here to offer you a few tips on what to look for in these “meaningless” games.

Pass block

1. Pay attention to the little things.

 Translation: If you are paying attention to any position battles, possibly looking at a late round flier, see how that player fares when he’s not in the spotlight. Try and put yourself in the position coach’s shoes. If you’re looking at a running back, keep tabs on how he blocks in the passing game. If the player excels, this could mean extra snaps as the year goes on or winning a tight position battle.  Wide receivers you ask? Drops, as well as blocking, could make or break a player’s snap count.


2. Watch the offensive scheme.

Translation: Looking for a late round flier, but don’t know where to turn? Pay attention to the schemes that offenses run. Certain teams that don’t have a go-to guy will scheme a specific way, especially around the red-zone. The tight end position can be a giant beneficiary to a spread-the-wealth offense. Make sure you pay attention to Jared Cook and Sam Bradford this preseason. You’re welcome.


3. Follow your personal fliers

Translation: This one speaks for itself. Get to know the guys you will be looking at in the later rounds. Most of the time, these players will see a decent amount of snaps with the 1st and 2nd team offenses. This is going to allow you to make those late-round decisions based on what you’ve seen already, not on your gut.

Although preseason football can be boring at times, it can prove to be helpful in building a championship squad. Injuries always happen, players always flop. But having someone waiting in the wings is what separates the men from the boys.

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