Fantasy Football draft season officially kicked off  this past weekend with National Fantasy Draft Day on August 24th.  By now you’ve done your homework and are set to draft your team.  You’ve got your strategy, your cheat-sheets are printed out, and you’re ready to roll.  Here’s a few things to keep in mind heading into your draft.  I give you Fantasy Football No-Nos: What NOT to do at your fantasy draft.

Bring your girlfriend to a Fantasy Football Draft

FFBall Girlfriend


Never, and I mean NEVER, bring your girlfriend/wife to a fantasy football draft.  This is not only for your sake, but hers and the entire league’s as well.  I made this mistake about 6 years ago and the memories still haunt me.  Let’s face it, girls want attention.  Girlfriends need attention.  They don’t give a shit that there’s 15 seconds left on the clock and you need a bye week replacement for your RB1, their vodka soda with a splash of cranberry is empty and the bartender is ignoring them.  Your girlfriend is either going to mess up your draft, or you’re going to put a strain on your relationship.  And don’t forget about the single low-lives in your league and the inevitable cat-calls and rude comments.  Just make a spa appointment and give your lady friend a $100 gift certificate on draft day.  The investment is worth every penny.

Draft Drunk

Passed Out

Again, I’m speaking from personal experience here.  Never, and I mean never, draft drunk.  You draft drunk this season and you’re liable to end up with Michael Turner and Aaron Hernandez on your team.  I’m not saying you have to stay sober during your draft, a few beers here and there will take the edge off, but showing up to the draft 10 beers deep is a big no-no.  You’ll want to stay relatively sharp to give yourself the best chance possible of compiling a team of players that’ll actually produce this season.

Draft inactive or injured players

Aaron Hernandez

Wayne Brady: Hey Aaron, I didn’t know you liked to get wet…

I’m in a keeper league and every year someone drafts an injured or inactive player and tries to play if off like they were doing it for future implications (Michael Vick was once drafted while in jail…).  Seriously, it’s not that hard to check the internet for the injury report the day of your draft.  If you draft a player who is more likely to get shiv’d than score a touchdown, you deserve to lose.

Deviate from your draft strategy

Draft Girls

It’s easy to get distracted at a fantasy football draft.  You get up to grab a beer, your girlfriend texts you explicit loving messages from the spa (you’re welcome), etc.  No matter what happens, stick to the plan.  TEs start flying off the board?  Don’t panic, you can wait.  Go in with a solid strategy based on your draft position and let it play out.

Call out a player who’s already been drafted


While it’s impossible to do this in online drafts, this happens all the time in live drafts and usually comes with consequences.  You ever heard of bros icing bros, or getting “Mike’d up?” Being forced to get down on one knee and pound a citrus flavored malt beverage isn’t enjoyable.  Again, I’m speaking from experience here.  Pay attention and cross players off your list after every pick.

Forget your draft materials


Again, without fail, someone will show up to the draft without any draft materials whatsoever.  No player rankings cheat-sheet, no pen, no highlighter, nothing.  They’ll try to mooch off as many people as possible, and then complain that their team sucks at the end of the draft.  Don’t be that guy.  Show up prepared.

Complain about your spot in the draft order

draft orderWe all know getting the 1st pick means penciling in Adrian Peterson, which automatically puts you at an advantage this season, but don’t cry about where you end up in the draft.  If your strategy is sound and the chips fall your way, it really doesn’t matter where you end up in the draft.  Yes, some spots are more preferable than others, but in the end all that matters is maximizing your team’s potential with the players that come available when it’s your turn to pick.  Be aware of the managers drafting before and after you, so you can predict what players are likely to be taken around your pick.  Plus, no one likes a cry-baby.

Good luck in your Fantasy Football drafts this season.  Check out FanSpeak’s free NFL pick’em game.

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