JayZ is not an attractive guy to me, but homeboy is beautiful in the music video, excuse me, VISUAL for Holy Grail. I love that he’s calling it a visual. And that it was released exclusively on his Facebook fan page for the first 24 hours. Fuck you’s to convention left and right here.

Check out the video after the jump.

This VISUAL is straight up museum status shit. I love the Harry Potter/creepy church scenes in Dexter feel. Jay did call himself “the new Picasso,” and so far, I’ll give it to him, especially after this gem. That part where Justin Timberlake’s hook is slowed down to a haunting pace is freaking me out in the best way possible. And the falling champagne tower! You know that was probably Ace of Spades or something that you’ve heard rappers shout out. None of this $7 Andre garbage. How many idiots are going to be Instagramming videos of them attempting this with the obligatory #fail accompaniment?

After his performance at the VMAs, I’m 98.4% sure that JT is an alien and honestly, he can take me to his leader anytime. He’s come a long way since the frosted spaghetti hair and head to toe denim. Overall though, I really loved this entire thing, and I have a ridiculous amount of respect for Jay changing the marketing game with this album. Keep doing your thing, Hov.

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