It looks like Lamar Odom is in a free fall with no net in sight. The former NBA “star” was arrested early this morning in Los Angeles at 3:54 AM. According to a few reports, the police stated that he was driving TOO SLOW on the highway. I mean come on dude. First the drug allegations, and now DUI. Time to check yourself before you wreck yourself.

According to, Odom drove 3 exits before finally pulling over for the cops and failing multiple field sobriety tests. This is pretty sad for a guy who’s only 33 years old and an NBA free agent. This should be the time in his life where he’s collecting solid paychecks and being a key contributor to a title contender.

Odom was pulled over in the San Fernando Valley on the 101 free way while driving a white Mercedes SUV only 50 MPH.  If you are gonna get pulled over on the highway for anything, it better be for doing 100 MPH Lamar, not 50 MPH!

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