Colin Kaepernick has had a rough start to the 2013 NFL season.  After looking great in Week 1 vs the Packers, the 49ers have fallen to 1-2 after losses to a very solid Seattle Seahawks team and an up-and-coming Indianapolis Colts team.  Fantasy managers and general haters alike have been letting Colin Kaepernick hear it on twitter for the past two weeks, and he’s noticed.  Check out some of the hate that’s been thrown Kaep’s way:







While I cut and pasted these from his Favorites list on Twitter, there was no real editing required.  These are all of his favorites, in order, dating back to September 12th 2013.

Colin Kaepernick is a great young talent in the NFL.  He’s going to go through some rough stretches from time to time.  That’s just how it is.  Calling him a 1 year wonder, or demanding he be traded after 2 bad games is simply unfair.  With his #1 WR out for the season (Crabtree) and his TE battling injuries (Davis), fans should expect him to struggle, not demand fantasy points.

Kaep sees you, haters, and when everything is said and done, he’ll make you internet tough guys look foolish.