Crap on me sam ponder

“Crap On Me Sam Ponder”

That’s right.  That’s exactly what it says on that kid’s sign at ESPN’s broadcast of College Gameday.  Every week, ESPN’s crew travels to a college that is hosting one of the biggest games of the day.  They do it during college football and college basketball season.  It’s become such a huge hit, that kids make giant signs and banners, hoping that the camera will pan to their section.It first started out as “Hi Mom!” and “Go Big Blue!”.  Harmless signs that have been brought to sporting events for years.  Nowadays, every college kid is a clever as the next, and they come up with absurdly funny and usually inappropriate signs.  Personally, I’m all for it.  Let the kids have fun, it’s not hurting anyone.

This week the Gameday crew is on the campus of the North Dakota State Bison.  Yes, THAT North Dakota.  There are literally no games of interest this week, so ESPN went up to the 1-AA powerhouse (I refuse to call it anything other than 1-AA.  Screw that FCS nonsense), to give them some love.  Good for ESPN.  Not every NFL player played division 1 football you know.

For all of those kids that got to the Gameday set at 4pm yesterday and camped out in the perfect spot, TSB salutes you.  Especially the kid who wants Sam Ponder to give him a Cleveland steamer.