I had the great opportunity to personally get in touch with NFL Running Back for the St. Louis Rams, Daryl Richardson. Not only is Richardson one of the primer young halfbacks in the league, but also a humanitarian who is heavily involved in the community. The Abilene Christian University 2012 7th-round draft pick turned NFL starter is destined for great things–phenomenal talent and karma on his side. D-Rich was kind enough to provide Total Sports Blog with an exclusive interview that discusses his challenges, teammates, and outlook on the 2013 season.

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TSB: What was it like coming out of a small university (Abilene Christian University) and having an immediate impact on the NFL your rookie year?

Daryl Richardson: It was intimidating but at the same time I felt extremely blessed and thankful for the opportunity.


What was it like playing with a mentor like Stephen Jackson at halfback? How did he help?

It was great…He taught me a lot about the game but also how to be a leader to both my teammates and in the community. He always made me feel welcome and was open to all of us for help/questions.


Who’s the fastest of the three core running backs for the Rams? Toughest?

LOL we’ve never raced or arm wrestled so I can’t really give an honest answer to that.


What changes have been made this season to take you guys (Rams) further this year?

We have added a lot of new talent, now it’s just a matter of learning all the plays and how to work together.


Is Tavon Austin really as fast as they say he is?

Yes, probably faster.


Do u play video games? Who’s your squad in Madden?

I haven’t played any video games since high school, don’t even own any systems.


Who is your favorite non-teammate to watch?

I don’t really have a favorite as far as being a fan but I have two cousins and a brother in the NFL so I like getting to watch them as well as Steven (Jackson) and a few of my other friends that are in the league.

NOTE: Daryl’s brother is Cincinnati Bengals Running Back, Bernard Scott.


Where do you rank the St. Louis offense this year?

Not sure where I rank them but I know that we have a lot of talent on the team, both offense and defense, and I’m confident that we will all do our best to go as far as possible.


Do you feel like you should have been drafted higher than you did? Or do you enjoy it even more proving the teams that passed on you wrong?

I’ve never thought that I deserved anything, I just felt very blessed to get an opportunity. I don’t think that getting here proves anyone wrong, there is so much talent out there that I feel like a lot of people get overlooked, especially if they are at a smaller school. I am definitely thankful that Coach Fisher found me and has given me a fair chance, I don’t think very many coaches would have done that.


What is the best perk of being an NFL athlete?

Definitely being able to live my dream. Other than that I feel being able to give back to others, serve as a role model, and provide for my family are all huge blessings.


What’s it like learning from and taking leadership from a coach of such high regard as Jeff Fisher?

It is a privilege. I try to soak up as much knowledge as I can and I have a very high level of respect for him and the way he treats his players. I feel like he really cares about us as individuals, not just football players, and that he expects greatness on and off the field. A lot of teams don’t get those kind of expectations from their coaches and I feel like it is helping me become a better man, not just a better football player.


Who is the funniest guy in the locker room?

Awwww man….We have a few of them but Will Hayes is probably the funniest.


Most memorable moment as a rookie last year?

Playing in my first game. Standing in the stadium knowing that I had accomplished my life goal was something I will never forget.


What do you look forward to most this season?

Just helping my team in any way I can and serving the community through the various events and appearances I have planned.


We at TSB would like to thank Daryl Richardson for his time and his responses to our interview. Also would like to thank his management for their ongoing communication. We look forward to D-Rich and the St. Louis Rams on having a healthy and successful year. See you in the postseason, Big D.

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