Hasn’t Kanye West learned to proofread his tweets? After Jimmy Kimmel parodied his recent interview with BBC 1, Kanye went absolutely bonkers. Kimmel didn’t really make fun of him as much as he just repeated what he said, because it was pretty hysterical on its own. Below is one of the pictures tweeted by Kanye, and check out the full video and tweets after the jump.


So just to reiterate, Kanye invented leather jogging pants and Fendi wasn’t a fan. He is also a rockstar who doesn’t understand where culture has gone and wants everyone to know that he has lunch with Anna Wintour. Pretty sure we knew all that already. The real story is those two kids who reenacted the entire interview. Can we get them a TV show please?

I screencapped the tweets in their entirety, plus the other picture Kanye put up to express all the feels. I’ll let them speak for themselves.

image_3 image_2 image_1


He is just so eloquent. I’m glad he’s a father, because that wisdom needs to be passed on to generations.