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With only one day left until the beginning of the NFL season, teams are putting the finishing touches on their starting lineups. EJ Manuel of the Buffalo Bills and Geno Smith of the New York Jets were both named starting quarterbacks. Manuel and Smith were the first two quarterbacks taken in the 2013 NFL Draft. The both of them were put in very similar situations. They both had to win the starting quarterback job over veterans that have had a history of underperforming. Except they didn’t exactly win the starting job. The men in front of them got injured.

For the Buffalo Bills, Kevin Kolb was put on IR after he received another concussion in the preseason. Kolb has had a history of concussions and post concussion symptoms, which could spell the end of his career. The New York Jets experienced a similar situation with their quarterback Mark Sanchez. Sanchez sustained a shoulder injury in the fourth quarter of a preseason game. This injury will have Sanchez on the bench for the first few weeks of the season and possibly long.

Although it will be interesting to see what the two rookies will do, it could be a rough start for the both of them. Manuel and Smith have both missed a decent amount of time due to injuries. The lack of repetitions and playing time could spell trouble. In addition to that, they are rookies and still need time to adjust to the NFL game. The bad news is that if they struggle, they don’t have much back up in the quarterback position. It could be a long season for the Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets.

Yeah, I realize the  headline is a mouthful. Blame the person that created the league. He also happens to be the returning champ of the TSB Bragging Rights League, TSB’s very own Hook. You might also notice that someone is missing from this league: Yours truly. Hey, I got personal reasons. Don’t worry, I’ll try to make it happen next year but me not being in it doesn’t make this league any less exciting (I understand that I’m the swaggerest in all of TSB but these guys can bring the fantasy ruckus). With no further ado, let’s do some fantasy football draft analyzing! (Oh god, how sad is this?) Read the rest of this entry »


PhiLthy’s Week 1 NFL Picks

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You smell that, Kiddies?! Fresh cut grass. Leaves beginning to change color. It’s football season, baby! Forget about baseball until October (when Detroit wins the World Series). Forget about the hockey season looming. It’s time for the great, hard-hitting true American tradition. Every week I will be breaking down the matchups and providing insight for the NFL season. You may not agree with every pick, but you should. I know my football.

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TSB Radio Episode #8

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Last night Manny joined Earl and they went through each of the NFL’s week 1 match ups against the spread. After giving a listen, let us know what you think!

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Elite or nah?

Elite or nah?

I do not pretend to know as much about Football as I do Baseball, I’m more of an idiot savant with the NFL.  I am always annoyingly good at Fantasy Football and I am usually pretty good and picking games from week to week. Just don’t ask me to deal with point spreads, I don’t do point spreads.  Anyway here are my predictions for the upcoming NFL season. You’ve been warned….


AFC East

Patriots 10-6

Dolphins 9-7

Bills 7-9

Jets 4-12

Why?  Even though the Patriots foolishly cut Tim Tebow and half their roster is either in jail or injured you still can’t count out Brady and Belichick.  The Dolphins will be improved and may even make the playoffs but are probably still a year away from usurping the Patriots. The Bills can make some noise but they’re from Buffalo so they have that working against them. As for the Jets, all I have to say is cool quarterback competition bro.

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Unfortunately, because of the Labor Day weekend, today’s Breaking Bad recap comes out a day late. I know you guys have been fiending and I’ll also have the recap of the TSB Fantasy football draft out later today as well but let’s talking about Breaking Bad first.

This Sunday’s episode was called “Rabid Dog” which seems like a call back to an episode from Season 4 called “Problem Dog”. During that episode, Jesse is a narcotics anonymous meeting where he’s telling the story of how he killed Gale but replaces him in the story with a problematic dog. However, the tables have turned and Jesse is the dog now and he has the potential to cause things to go very sour for Walt. This episode deals with Jesse from 3 crucial viewpoints: Skyler/Saul, Hank, and Walt.  Read the rest of this entry »

Diana Nyad

This afternoon 64-year-old distance swimmer Diana Nyad became the first person to ever swim the 110 miles from Cuba to Florida with out the assistance of a shark cage.  But honestly, who cares?  Probably not too many people outside of her Facebook friends and Twitter followers.
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The Music City Miracle. DeSean Jackson’s punt return against the Giants. The Band is on the Field.

These are some of the most iconic final plays in football history, and get ready to add the Texas A&M Consolidated and Copperas Cove high school football game into the conversation.

Copperas Cove was up by three points with with less than 10 seconds to go, but the game was far over.

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max_papis_crew_ncwts_canada_9113The 2013 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series has been experiencing many firsts this season, and Sunday’s race was no different.

This was the first race in Canada and it ended with a bump, crash, and a slap.

While Chase Elliott was able to earn his first career in one of NASCAR’s premier series, it was the second place battle that has fans talking.

Max Papis and Mike Skeen were battling for the position, when they made contact.

On the cool down lap, a rival crew member reached into Papis’ cable and confronted the driver and after an interview on Fox Sports One, an unidentified woman slapped Papis.

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Benson Henderson vs Anthony Pettis
Wow that was over quick.  Anthony Pettis has defeated Benson Henderson at UFC164  by tapout at 4:31 of the first round due to an arm bar to win the Lightweight Championship.

Early on in the round, Henderson was working over Pettis against the fence with kicks to the calves as he had one leg raised.  Halfway through the round, Pettis managed to break free and while standing up, he delivered 4 straight kicks to Henderson’s body that clearly had an effect.  After those kicks, the two exchanged blows in the middle of the ring, and Pettis wound up on his back and in the guard.

What happened next was a fantastic move to get Benson in an arm bar which resulted in a submission and a new Lightweight Champion. Check out the GIFS of the submission after the jump.

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