PhiLthy’s Week 2 NFL Picks

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After going 12-4 in Week One’s NFL football betting expert lines, I strived for bold choices. Most panned out, four didn’t. Look for a similar trend as I see some upsets happening in the NFL’s second week. Be ready for it. Read up and put your money on me, check some more lines here and see what is the best option as strive for mine

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Note: Teams listed in BOLD are picked to win.


New York Jets at New England Patriots


The Jets pose zero threat to Tom Brady and the Patriots. He could probably play this game left-handed–a la Tebow–and still win by a couple of scores.  Doesn’t help Brady when Sudfeld (who had the same stats as Aaron Hernandez last week) and Amendola are banged up, but it doesn’t hurt since they’ll be playing the Jets. Coming off a victory at home against the Buccaneers means absolutely nothing. The Jets are still the Jets. Rex Ryan better look for another job because, with that offense (and defense), look for them to finish similar to last year as Brady and Belichek waltz into the playoffs as usual.


Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals


Reggie Bush is a flat-out animal. He proved how amazing he still is with his quickness and flawless cuts in Week 1 as he tallied 90 yards on the ground with another 101 yards receiving with a TD. Great investment, Detroit. Now just keep him injury-free this season and you’ll have a shot. Too many stupid mistakes, particularly Suh’s $100,000 cheap shot, that kept Minnesota in the game against the Lions. In Week 1, Arizona looked their best in the air since the Kurt Warner days. Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd taking full advantage of having a cannon in Carson Palmer. Going to be a close match with tons of throws. I’m giving Arizona the advantage with their passing arsenal and speedy, super athletic secondary.


St. Louis Rams at Atlanta Falcons


Atlanta got upset by New Orleans in last week’s matchup. I say, “upset”, because I feel that, especially on paper, the Falcons are a much more talented team than the Saints. Stephen Jackson is a great addition to this already beefy Atlanta offense. If Roddy White were healthy, ATL could have done a lot more in the air against a sad Rob Ryan defense. They’ll now have to rely on Julio Jones and Douglas more heavily until Roddy heals up, but I see them leaning more on Jackson against his former team this week. Let the big dog eat.


Carolina Panthers at Buffalo Bills


Cam Newton had a sub-par performance last week against the Seattle Seahawks. Granted, Seattle has one of the top defenses, if not the best, in the entire league. Cam was limited to a pocket-passing game and made little strives to bust outside to his natural comfort—using his legs. Coaches should loosen the reins and let this guy run free—especially if it means the difference between wins and losses. Buffalo gave New England a run for their money last week. Expect big things from CJ Spiller, but not enough.


Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears


Adrian Peterson looked stellar last week from the first play of the season and on—he simply continued where he left off. As long as Christian Ponder is the QB for the Vikings, they won’t ever win the NFC North division, let alone a Superbowl. This year is a “shit-or-get-off-the-pot” year for Ponder, and it doesn’t look promising. Cordarelle Patterson needs to step up in the “Percy Harvin” role they have laid out for him in Minnesota and welcome the opportunity for touches. The Bears remain consistent with their “throw to Brandon Marshall at will” offense, and it continues to work after Cutler targeted him 18 times last week for 2 TD’s. Guess what, it’ll probably happen again this week, with a splash of Forte.


Washington Redskins at Green Bay Packers


Each team played in the two most excited games last week—Washington and Philly, and Green Bay and San Fran. RGIII looked fresh and accurate as he hit his receivers with pin-point precision. Coming off his ACL injury, it seemed like Shanahan’s game plan was to be more cautious with Griffin’s runs and utilize more pocket-passing. RGIII played great, but his defense just couldn’t keep up with Chip Kelly’s ridiculous offense. Green Bay will play more at their pace with a balanced tempo. I give Green Bay’s offense the nod to get it done in this sad display of defense.


Miami Dolphins at Indianapolis Colts


This game is tough to call, but I’m going to have to go with the stability and health of Andrew Luck and Ahmad Bradshaw. Miami has more weapons offensively with Tannehill, Wallace, Miller, and Thomas, but I feel that they are still getting their stuff together. Wallace and Tannehill are bound to be on point this week after the Wide Receiver was clearly disgruntled last week, having to be escorted off the field by GM Jeff Ireland after the game. Make use of your fastest target, best receiver, and biggest investment. Still won’t be enough this week in Indy.


Dallas Cowboys at Kansas City Chiefs


The Dallas Cowboys defense proved that they weren’t a team to be underestimated this year. With Rob Ryan out, the defense has been transformed to benefit the play of their secondary. They must make the most out of it or they can be susceptible to medium-to-long gains frequently. KC has weapons in Dwayne Bowe and Jamaal Charles, but the offense and defense of Dallas will prevail. Normally I’m willing to put my money against Romo, especially against Kansas City’s stellar secondary, but this week he will make the most out of this matchup on the road. Look for RB DeMarco Murray to have a big game on the ground.


San Diego Chargers at Philadelphia Eagles


Chip Kelly entered the season with a bang. Last week, he introduced a high-pace, intense offense to the NFL and Vick and McCoy flourished. Handing Vick the keys to the starting offense for his hurry-up style of play was the smartest thing he did prior to starting the season. San Diego hung around in the game with Houston, and was actually beating around their top-rated defense quite a bit prior to the late fourth quarter comeback. Philip Rivers is in control of a injury riddled offense, but still has plenty of targets and the talent to succeed this season. The real question is, can his defense keep him in the game? This week, it’s a big “NOT A CHANCE.”


Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens


The Baltimore Ravens proved they weren’t the champion-caliber squad from last year in last week’s matchup with the Broncos. Peyton Manning and Denver took it to their defense like they were a DIII Liberal Arts College. While Baltimore is clearly rebuilding, they still have the weapons on offense with Flacco, Rice, and Smith to take it to a team of Cleveland’s standards. Sorry, Trent Richardson. You’re stuck.


Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans


The Houston Texans defense was getting clobbered last week with the play of Philip Rivers until late in the second half. JJ Watt and Brian Cushing need to lead the defense back to their high-intensity level of play they had last season in order to take this team to the playoffs. Arian Foster and Ben Tate need to wake up and do the majority of the load with Schaub still at Quarterback in Houston. Tennessee is a team that is rebuilding….permanently. Jake Locker isn’t the guy—its clear. Chris Johnson is on his own till they make some moves and bring in some real talent.


New Orleans Saints at Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Tampa Bay got beat by the Jets last week. Yes, I said it—the Jets. Josh Freeman needs to get his shit together. Dude is such a “slappy” that he couldn’t even perform for the team picture on media day. Slept in. Like he practically slept through last week’s game against the Jets. The Saints are going to be the underdog team that turns their team around 180 degrees this year. Sean Payton is back. Drew Brees never left. Rob Ryan is controlling the defense, which is questionable, but with their offense, they simply just have to put up more points than the opposing team.


Jacksonville Jaguars at Oakland Raiders


I dig Terrelle Pryor starting for the Oakland Raiders. I knew he would have some serious success, especially on the ground. This week won’t be any different. Against the lackluster Jacksonville defense, he’ll have another stellar day. Darren McFadden too. Jacksonville is doomed this season. As their struggles continue, they might as well spend their Saturdays scouting collegiate talent to use their #1 pick on in next year’s NFL Draft.


Denver Broncos at New York Giants

NFL: Denver Broncos-OTA

Manning vs. Manning. Who is the better brother? Hands down and without a doubt in my mind, it’s Peyton. Both have a handful of deadly targets: Eli with Nicks, Cruz, Barden and Peyton with Welker, D. Thomas, and Decker. New York’s downfall last week was the running game and that’ll come back to haunt them again this week against a mean Denver ‘D’. Mid-week, the Giants worked out Brandon Jacobs and Willis McGahee, but ended up signing Jacobs to man the helm. Probably in their best interest since he knows the team and the system/offense and can start playing immediately. If David Wilson wants to keep his starting gig, he better learn to hang onto the football. Denver by a bundle in Giants Stadium.

San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks


Russell Wilson loses his eyebrows for the next few months. Clearly this is the best matchup of the week—the two top NFC teams paired to do battle. Both defenses are tremendously talented but I sense that with the Linebackers and pressure San Fran possesses, Wilson will be scrambling for his life. This game will be a defensive battle and offensive struggle for both squads. Patrick Willis and Aldon Smith leading the Niners to victory. Niners will lean more heavily on Frank Gore and a possession-based offense.


Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals


Great rivalry game this week in Cincy. James Harrison takes on his old team in his new home. Pittsburgh had its troubles offensively last week with Big Ben at the helm while Cincy didn’t have any problems putting points up on the board. I sense Andy Dalton and AJ Green to have another stellar week connecting against a poorly assembled Steeler secondary. Pittsburgh’s offense needs to get in sync…And decide whether Jonathan Dwyer will be a Steeler tomorrow or the next day. Bengals well-rounded, playoff bound squad gets the nod in this pairing.


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