What does a family with 5 brothers, 3 of whom play in the NFL, do for some extra money?

Make like the Kardashians obviously and make try to make a TV show about the family.

Yeah, you heard that right. The Gronkowski family is currently pitching an animated TV series called The Gronks to Hollywood producers in hopes of getting a contract.

Deadspin received a leaked video of the pilot trailer the Gronkowski’s are pitching around, and this is amazing. Here’s the link to the pilot trailer: The Gronks Pilot Trailer

If an animated Rob Gronkowski is anything like the real Gronk, this TV series is going to be hysterical. Deadspin is also reporting that some classic childhood stories, such as the time Gronk emailed his teacher telling her to suck his *$#&, and the time Rob took a viagra pill before a Vegas pool party.

The Gronks better get picked up by some Hollywood producer. This has the potential to be a hysterical TV series, and I’m dying to see more of the Gronkowski family.