Someone asked me what I thought about Lorde today, and I realized that this blog is long overdue. I’m sure everyone has heard “Royals” more times than they care to admit, and it’s pretty difficult not to sing along. Her second US single, “Team” dropped recently, and it’s pretty catchy too. Her voice is seriously hard to ignore, as is the fact that she’s only SIXTEEN. That’s six years younger than me. I feel like such an underachiever. But there is something about her that doesn’t sit right with me. I’ve done my research to come to these conclusions; read interview transcripts, found articles, overall just stalked her life a little bit. She’s a feminist with contradictory viewpoints, and that pisses me off a little.

Before I get my head bitten off, she has flat out stated that she is a feminist that isn’t a fan of Selena Gomez’s “Come and Get It”, that she finds Taylor Swift “unattainable,” but loves Nicki Minaj. I sort of agree about Selena because that song is a little skanky, and Swiz can bite me, but how are you a feminist who likes Nicki Minaj? Doesn’t she go against everything feministy? Maybe I’m wrong because I don’t really see a point to feminism (IDGAF), but she just doesn’t seem like the poster chick for powerful women who don’t need men (ahem, YMCMB). And knocking other pop stars isn’t a great way to start out, but I do respect her for standing true to what she thinks and believes. I’m kind of confused by her, really. I don’t know if I love her for being like “fuck you I’m sixteen and I do what I want,” or if I hate her for having a snotty way about herself and coming off like she thinks she’s above everyone because she reads Kurt Vonnegut novels and thinks too much.

That aside, her music is pretty dope, as is the fact that she writes it herself. And honestly, I’m talking about her and spent a few hours researching her and really thinking about who I think she is, so she wins there. She’s intrigued me and I want to see what she does next. She’s currently not into fame and seems to like being mysterious, but how long will that last? Eventually, she’ll be drinking Cristal in her Maybach with diamonds on her timepiece.

My message to her: That’s the life, baby girl. You’re not going to be able to chill with your friends in your shitty town or just dick around doing whatever. You’re going to get sucked in like everyone else, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

But I do think she needs to come to terms with that as soon as possible, or she’s going to crash and burn. If she doesn’t recognize that, fame’s going to eat her alive before she can legally smoke a cigarette.

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